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Jessica William

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👤 [Sorry for the delay.. admin fell asleep early last night 🙏🏻]

💭 211020 DUB: "😁" "You worked hard today~ Sleep tight and cheer up for tomorrow~ I'm going to go to bed now too! Sleep well, have a good night everyone~"

💭 211020 DUB: [Voice note: 11secs] "How did you guys know I was with Sehun today? Did it came up somewhere?" [Voice note: 16secs] "An encounter? Then they must have really paid attention. With Sehunnie.. yes that's right I played with Sehun today"

💭 211020 DUB: [Voice note: 16secs] "No why are you curious what kind of beer I had, I don't have a favorite beer. I just drink them all"

💭 211020 DUB: "I ate a lot for dinner so I'm not hungry at all (right now) haha" "I had bulgogi~" "I ate outside~ I don't have much time to cook these days haha.."

💭 211020 DUB: "Today was my day off, I had a can of beer by myself today" *sent a photo of a bowl of pine nuts* "The pine nuts are so delicious" "It was full but I ate it allㅋㅋ"

💭 211020 DUB: "I am extremely healthy" "Hahaha"

💭 211020 DUB: "Aigoo.. I see a lot of people who are feeling down these days" "It's good if things are going well, but if it's not your heart will hurt. I'll cheer for you so it'll all go by quickly"

💭 211013 DUB: "Have a hearty lunch~ Have a healthy day today too~"

💭 211013 DUB: "I'm resting today~ I'll have to start over (working) again tomorrow" "The weather's getting colder nowadays, so you'll have to get prepared slowly" "😉"

💭 211013 DUB: "I finished the shooting for The Moon healthily, everyone" "👍🏻"

💭 211013 DUB: "Did you all slept well~" "Yes I slept well too haha"

💭 211009 DUB: “😉” “i’m always very thankful everyone, sleep well today i’ll contact again soon”

💭 211009 DUB: “right.. it’s such a waste that our chances of meeting each other decreased”

💭 211009 DUB: “i am fully vaccinated” “james arthur-emily”

💭 211009 DUB: “there are people who said you are sick ㅠㅠ please heal faster, we have to stay healthy” “👍🏼” “you will feel better soon”

💭 211009 DUB: “😃” “it’s so good to know everyone is healthy”

💭 211009 DUB: “there are those whose chat are changed and there are those who aren’t” “i have 2 more rounds of shootings left hehe” “then i’ll continue to my next project” “👍🏼” “i’m doing it joyfully! no need to worry”

💭 211009 DUB: *sends pic of his chat bg* “it changed to this”

💭 211009 DUB: “why is the chatting room so spooky (quiet)” “and how did the background changed?” “oh it’s because its Halloween!” “everyone has been doing well right?”