Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

made a small thing i call it MOON DOGS

my dad got a traffic ticket from the police today

diego's cone is folded back in this in an attempt to get him to stop flipping his food and water bowls with it and tipping them all over the kitchen floor again and again. this attempt was unsuccessful

he is receiving a transmission

hey guys i kinda got some very not good news this morning and i am feeling All Sorts of Bad about it rn if you have time please can you maybe send me animal pictures thank you i love u very much

i am going to eat three meals today!!! because i am a hard working little man who deserves some beans on toast!!!

cronies is a gender neutral term

im an angry little man today

this is up there with straight people in monogamous relationships who don't think that hooking up with somebody else of the same gender constitutes cheating. like, just admit that you view same sex attraction as somewhere between a party trick and a fetish and go lmao

fetishisation of lesbianism aside, can we also talk about the number of straight men who act like kissing their friend or otherwise ~acting gay~ on a night out is the Most Hilarious Thing Ever & a Fundamentally Hysterical Joke (bc mlm attraction is inherently funny, apparently)

said hello to a customer and they didn't say anything back so now im trying to burn them with my mind

he is Very Very Very Angry

pretty mad that people who sell crystals and minerals online are so sensitive to the energies around them and yet still can't tell when they're sourcing materials from mines which are currently under taliban control i mean you'd really think that those vibes would be off huh

saw a video of somebody ejecting a badger from their house with a shovel and im angry now do not scoop the badger with a shovel instead gently cradle him in your arms

my chinchilla prints finally arrived 💖💖💖!!!

this shirt is just slightly too big and it is a Great Tragedy

today i chose Action (woke up and immediately had a small cry)

girls girls girls