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Jessica William

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The one and only time the BBC correctly described Nige 😂

You only need to compare the way the EU defended Irleland’s interests with the way the UK government ignored the concerns of the Scots, decimated farming and fishing and shows complete disdain for their democratically elected representatives to see which union works better.

Ex banker responsible for the nation’s health says he is entitled to ignore the evidence.

A 14 year old boy in Glasgow has been stabbed and murder, just standing on at a station. 14 years old. Surely this is of equal tragic importance to an MP being stabbed

Mark Francois to Steve Bray: "We are signing your death warrant" Wants Facebook brought to justice for online hate, which the campaign he backed spent £Millions with to promote online hate to get the thing he threatened to kill Steve Bray over.. done. Not hypocritical at all🤦‍♂️

It’s bedtime, but I have rescue cat on my knee who doesn’t trust much. Can’t move until he does

It's interesting that we are meant to feel sorry for the Leave voters who "didn't get the Brexit they voted for" but not the Remain voters who didn't want the Brexit they got. There's an unsatisfactory asymmetry here.

MPs are declaring war on social media as it’s the only area their policies still get criticised.

Priti Patel: “We come into public life to be a force for good” What good have you done? Please do let me know, I wouldn't want to misjudge you. What good have you actually done? Have you stopped bullying people for example?

And thanks to his covid tweets, most of the country is now infectious.

This is pretty much what the Polish government has done: establish controls over judges and a punishment mechanism if they make the "wrong" decisions

come on Scotland RT any you see with trending

I think due to the covid cases being through the roof, we should bring back obligatory mask wearing in enclosed spaces. Why are labour not calling for this?

Breaking / Every single ambulance service in the country is now on black alert. Paramedics report up to 20 ambulances queuing outside hospitals, unable to transfer patients into A&Es at breaking point. The NHS is being destroyed - before our eyes 😔

Older son now feeling unwell with Covid symptoms. He’s asthmatic & is struggling with breathing. Emergency trip to Newcastle to bring him home & test booked for tonight. OH & I have tested negative, how long it’ll stay that way is anyone’s guess with 2 covid kids at home 😒