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Jessica William

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If you choose to be in a profession that requires you to interact with the public — police officer, healthcare worker, EMT/paramedic, teacher, bus driver, waiter/waitress, store clerk, etc — you should get vaccinated. Not just to protect yourself, but to protect others. Get it?

It makes me feel a little like a fogey to say it but the intensity and ubiquity of sports gambling advertising really creeps me out.

Congratulations to , passing Hakeem Olajuwan's record for #1 All-Time number of Blocks in a career 🥳

The documents reveal that Trump's pals at Mar-a-Lago sought to monetize veterans' medical data by selling access to major companies.

This is from the people screaming freedom at the top of their lungs.

So the idea is that Facebook essentially wants to distance itself from … well, Facebook. The company will be named Zuckplex let’s say and then it has a range of products of which Facebook is just is one. It has the feel of a mobster trying to move assets into legit enterprises.

Notes on No. 6 Louisville, No. 8 Indiana, No. 13 Kentucky with first women’s hoops poll out: - UofL: 7th straight year in preseason AP top 10 - IU: Highest ranking ever - UK: 3rd straight year in preseason AP top 15 It’s a really great time for women’s basketball in our area.

Eh, no. isn’t hired for any entertainment. News programs don’t pay for their guests, to include experts like Dr Hotez. He tirelessly goes on these programs to educate.

It IS safe and effective. At treating parasitic diseases. COVID is not a parasite. You, however, are.

My “Liberterian” friend (as he calls himself) claims I don’t read papers about ivermectin, maybe he might want to read the two papers I’ve WRITTEN on ivermectin, and my role in the Rx of millions for their neglected tropical diseases. And no, I don’t take money from pharma

To clarify: I've not received a dime for any TV appearance, ever. I've not asked, they've not offered. I go on cable news networks to explain the science + counteract antiscience aggression I do this to save lives I consider it a privilege I'm grateful for the opportunity

Spoiler alert: Trump wanted the insurrection to succeed and did not care one bit about what happened to Pence & everyone else bc he is a psychopath.

Mike Pompeo has lost an incredible amount of weight

Trump’s legal team has asked the federal court in DC for a preliminary injunction and a hearing within 21 days as part of his documents lawsuit, per . The National Archives is set to turn over documents to the Jan. 6 committee on Nov. 12 if a court doesn’t intervene.

Feds indict Rep for Foreign Financing. First indictment, not first to do illegal campaign stuff.

Is that the elusive Nigerian prince we hear about?

Ooo. That should make her higher up on Daddy's list. Cause Former boy is gonna need some serious cash, soon.

Tiffany Trump's fiance, Michael Boulos, moved to Nigeria from Lebanon and is from a billionaire family.