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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I just found out my acct is back up. Please feel free to follow me there as well as here. Thank you to all those who helped me. 💞

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I'm in the 10% who didnt get the word but here's the scuttlebutt: The owners of contributed $1M to the Maricopa County recount of the recount of the recount. Just thought you might have missed it too.

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So when Tennessee senators vote against the infrastructure bill, this pic should be posted across from their homes: Piece of I-75 fell onto adjoining roadways. No one was injured.

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If Marjorie Taylor Greene tried talking to me thru the door in my mail slot, she'd find herself talking to a can of bug spray.

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Dr. Jill Biden: Restore Jackie Kennedy's Rose Garden - Sign the Petition! via

We found more voter fraud: MAGA fan accused of murdering his wife -- then fraudulently submitting her ballot for Trump: prosecutors

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I do not see supporting both the 2nd Amendment & commonsense gun safety reform as mutually exclusive & find it increasingly difficult to follow arguments justifying the possession of military-grade weapons & similar accessories by the general public.

One dog is patiently awaiting his turn to play....LOL

Omg how in Gods name do people believe this ?! Crazy 😜

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