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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

This 'playing the race card' has got to stop. Typical MP trying to squirm out of it. Tough. You're vile for what you said.

Don't worry Man U fans, Steve Bruce is available.....

How pathetic are the MP's and their spineless leader ..

So, proposed 40% 'meat' tax. Anyone else sick to death of lefty wokey vegan [email protected]?!

Ok kids, pass My pen......😂

So, 2 things I am pondering: 1) has generic 'flu' now just been relabelled as 'covid' generally? 2) China supply the tests, that are ropey at best. Basically they're printing their own money.

Anyone else having problems getting hold of when order placed? 2 months now, don't respond to twitter DM's and impossible to talk to on the phone. Not good. No idea when my sofas will arrive!

Swap the word Black for White and it screams racism. Why is this anti white rhetoric deemed acceptable?!

Prime time Saturday evening on coming soon....

And wonder why they are unelectable. Ms Satsuma a big reason.

Happy Trafalgar day everyone. Doubt any MSM will cover it though.

It's like Me Anonymous has known Me all His life.....

Asking for a friend....

Morning all. Feeling a bit worried.......

Come on, own up - who has kidnapped Angela Rayner......

Twitter jail, second time in 2 days. Free speech is dead.

......only seeing four.....

Have We sacked Steve Bruseless yet?!