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Jessica William

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Breaking: Cyrus Vance, AG - Requesting info from NY AG's civil investigation of Gov. Cuomo. Note: There are now three AGs looking into the Cuomo case. All are determining whether to bring criminal charges against the NY Governor. Live

I'm in California. I really feel for the vaccinated people who are living among the unvaccinated stupeheads in the states with the high # of cases and Delta spreading.

Should we accept the “honor code” for vaccinated folks or proof?

As a vaccinated person, would you go hang out with an unvaccinated friend? This is regarding health.

Ignorance should never be mistaken for stupidity. The ignorant can be educated, but the stupid will demand to express their stupidity. Let us pray that the stupid find nerve-gone-a.

I would like to pray for all of god’s stupid people, the trumpians, the science deniers and of course the hypocritical religious fanatics. I pray that their god will share some of his wisdom with them so that the rest of us can live a peaceful and joyful life. Amen

I am 4’ 11 3/4” tall. I say ‘almost 5’ tall’ cause it sounds better. 😂

Well, I spilled my coffee, then turned around and knocked my favorite pipe (just loaded) off the counter and watched it break into 100 pieces. I think this justifies being an asshole today!!

It's like covid 19 is holding It's own Olympics, with delta in the lead

Begin the day standing tall and be thankful so that your branches reach out as hugs to the day ahead.

Fascinating story developing at the . Athlete seeking emergency safety and asylum after attempt by her country to force her to airport. Looks like political silencing and kidnapping.

The little rascals say Meow!! 😹😹

Hello new day, filled with possibles.

The fascist rejected a deal to be represented on the 1/6 committee then Kevin McQoward tried to push Yellow-tie on them, then they whine & cry about not being included.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will create jobs replacing our nation’s lead pipes. That means clean drinking water for millions of families.

Fish Trolling sounds like a good description.

YouTube bars Murdoch-owned news outlet from uploads over COVID-19 misinformation

My first attempt at making dumplings and wontons in my life. Mostly a success. Super tasty. 🤷‍♂️

Fox News legal analyst, Judge John Napolitano has been fired after a lawsuit was just filed by former Production Asst John Fawcett alleging sexual harassment. The lawsuit alleges he also harassed other young male staffers.