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Jessica William

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Approximately 22 veterans per day commit suicide. Would at least 22 of my Twitter friends PLEASE copy and tweet? (Not RT) Veterans Crisis Line: πŸ’• US 800-273-8255 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ UK 0800 138 1619 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Canada 18334564566 πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Men can develop breast cancer as well. There's roughly a 27% survival rate in advanced stage. Roughly a 98% survival rate in EARLY detection. Get your annual check up & fam history on cancer

Tonight its bread bowl chili. I used a bit of a "Carne Asada" mix( I know it just means grilled meat) with the citrus and stuff but also a typical chili. Roasted onions and Red Peppers with Cippolini onions because I'm a fancy b**ch lol.

.........I mean your all making the jokes in your heard while hearing "Danny Boy" in the background.

I'm curious what people think we'll be in 20 years? What will America be? What will the world be? What will your kids face? What options will they have? What's the plan? Picture your kids life in 20 years if we do what we're doing now?

I dont know how to explain to you that currently, in your own communities, your own state and your own country that evil is here. They have control Biden has only done what was needed for survival. The GOP wants you gone, you don't fit thier society, we gonna resist again or not?

This is a longer video than a TikTok but I implore you to watch. If you ever wonder why I'm so dark, this is why. I watch this stuff. Also it's not a fun story but one we should know. This is what happens in tyranny. I can give a synopsis if need be

Chili night! Gonna try cippoline onions i think. Am I crazy?

Do we blame the families for one members addiction? Do we not thinking about victims again here? I can't understand my culture sometimes. A thing is wrong unless it has a fiscal benefit for a few wealthy people, then its....ok? But its still creating victims? What changed?

Its scary we've fallen in love with betting. It destroys lives as much as anything else that's not a necessity, but a waste IMO. I heard a comercial on the radio that spent more air time QUICKLY stating disclaimers and addiction help info. Couldn't hear a WORD of the help info

The preserves two parts of the former camp: Auschwitz I & Auschwitz II-Birkenau. Our tells about the 3rd part of the camp system, Auschwitz III-Monowitz built by the construction site of the IG Farbenindustrie chemical plant.

We have a Pandemic that's killed probably 800k and we ask celebrities and talk show hosts how to act instead of experts.....weeeeeeeeeeeee

Maybe if I limit partners to christian women ill could manage it?

Because I'd never remotely try to start a family in this society. We can barely stop an evil cult from killing us all. They are up and up near 1 million dead and we still can't stop em. Good luck tho! I will end with that. Just wonder what those kids will think in 15 years

To those having kids, why? Do you see the risk they won't have a life after 20 years or so? Do you think about how the climate will make most places miserable. Do you think about the poverty growing? If your kid is a white male, this isn't for you, but anyone else im curiousb

We will never become a free or safe space for non cis males. Its not gonna happen when people enable the bigots. I don't know why he gets a pass to belittle an entire demographic of people because he is a talented comedian. Guess those couch jokes really got him equity

Willing to meet with with people he victimized. Literally won't even reach out himself personally but just mentions he won't change anything but they can reach out? Nice. So why is he now an expert on transphobia and homophobia now?why is he allowed?

The scary thing is what we justify for someone we like. We really are fucked

I'm being hasty but thats me.

Its depressing to see the good people who support evil stuff but thats humanity. I shouldn't put much into us lol. Gonn suspend or deactivate or whatever then Uninstall ap. I don't imagine I'll be missed

Why do we idol worship celebrities? Why do we look to protect them? What is it that they do? I see frontline health-care workers watching people die and we're still debating whether celebrities matter. I just don't get it. They do as much for society as me lol and that's sad