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Jessica William

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Can't let end without giving you a tiny little peek. and are Joel and Ellie, and our journey has been amazing so far. To the edge of the universe and back... 🍄🗡️💔

Whoa! Unexpected! It was my honor to discuss the terrific Dune screenplay by , Eric Roth and Denis. It was my first time meeting Denis, and he is honestly as everyone describes him: kind, thoughtful and visionary. I will add "distressingly handsome" to the list.

A happy update. Antibiotics did the trick, WBC back down to normal... residual pain probably from a pulled stitch... thanks everyone for putting a smile on his face today! It really made a difference.

My son Jack aka (don't ask me why!) is a brave guy dealing with Crohn's Disease and all the surgeries, complications from surgeries, surgeries to fix the complications... now an infection from a surgery... He needs a pick-me-up, Twitter. Send him some love.

Anna Torv has joined the cast of ’s in a recurring role opposite Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey

‘The Last Of Us’: Jeffrey Pierce, Murray Bartlett, Con O’Neill Join HBO Series Based On Video Game

On the 35th anniversary of the disaster at Chernobyl, we say vichnaya pamyat - eternal memory - for all those who suffered and sacrificed as a result of the events of that terrible day.

/twitter_sabbatical_pause Having directors like Ali and Jasmila join Kantemir Balagov is a dream come true. We're assembling a murderer's row of talent behind the camera. Couldn't be prouder! AND GOOD LUCK THIS OSCAR WEEKEND to Jasmila! /twitter_sabbatical_resume

Paul Ritter was one of the most gentle, gracious and brilliant people I’ve ever known, much less worked with. We lost him today, and far too soon. I wish his family and loved ones peace and comfort as they mourn the passing of this beautiful man.

Take care of each other! Twitter life is exciting at times, bewildering at times, enlightening at times... but so is regular life. Regular life is superficially more boring than Twitter, but it's also substantively more meaningful by many orders of magnitude. To (regular) life!

Twitter has made me more empathetic, especially to people who aren't white, who aren't straight, who aren't American, who aren't men, who aren't what used to be blithely called "the norm." That's been a Good thing.

That said, I am very grateful for Twitter for all sorts of stuff, including meeting people I might not have otherwise known. But mostly? Teaching me things. I learned a lot. Even from those who were harsh. Twitter can either make you crueler and haughtier, or more empathetic.

Second, I loved working on Chernobyl in relative isolation from premature feedback. The audience is everything to me, and I think about them all the time... but Twitter attention-- especially to stuff I'm actively working on in the moment-- can be stifling at times.

First, I'm not necessarily in control of my Twitter habit, and that's never a good feeling. I don't like the idea that I *have* to check Twitter. This service *is* addictive. It wouldn't have lasted so long if it weren't.

I made a promise to myself that after Twitter-enjoying the week of Biden's inauguration (as best I could), I would say my goodbye from it. I have met some amazing people here. I've tormented Ted Cruz as best I could. But along the way, a couple of things became clear.

Birx is a strange combination of false and utterly transparent. She can't tell that *we* can tell she's full of shit, so she just keeps trying.

Never forget the time Dr Birx lied and said Trump read everything she gave him. The complicit will all choose their interview spots carefully for their rehabilitation tours.