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Jessica William

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At last I can talk about it! (exhales long-held breath) Michael B. Jordan is producing a TV series based on my novel VICTORIES GREATER THAN DEATH. 🥳🤩🚀🌈💖

If you are a journalist writing about Texas and you’re talking solely about “women’s rights” then you are doing it wrong. You are literally doing journalism wrong. The fight in Texas about abortion involves more than just women. Be a better journalist.

Lil Nas X’s new music video is more explicitly gay than anything else he’s done

🌟 in a space city with five different genders, one queer rebel gets caught in the worst trap: romance 🌟 a gay couple adopts a cat in exchange for nine years of good luck... but then the luck runs out 🌟 a fairy werewolf gets into the strangest love triangle of all time

Finally caught up on posting reviews on : The Samosa Rebellion by A House is a Body by Cheer Up! Love and Pompoms by and

🌟 a group of make-believe time travelers gets a visit from someone who's built an actual time machine 🌟 an artist is hired to paint a mural on the sea wall protecting her city from flooding 🌟 two con artists must save the galaxy to realize their dream of opening a restaurant

Here's the link for my friend Kim's store, they've just survived a flood and need funds to replace their shelves:

Reminder: My first full-length short story collection, EVEN GREATER MISTAKES, comes out in two months. Featuring: 🌟 the USA splits in half, with one bookstore caught in the middle 🌟 a woman is haunted by her own future ghost 🌟 A queer commune lives in a drowned San Francisco

I have three tickets to see Herbie Hancock perform in Napa on Saturday Sept. 25. I am happy to sell them for a fair price, or whatever you can afford. Please DM me or respond here if interested!

I lent Victories Greater Than Death to a student this year and she spent our entire lunch break talking to me about how amazing it was. “It did things I haven’t seen other books do” and “It was the best representation of queer folks I’ve ever seen.” Bravo, !

is the greatest TV show of our time and it's been a light in our dystopian void. Listen to and me explaining why this show is everything.

This collection's a delight & that poem's one of my favourites! ☄️🧥

illustrated romance covers are so pretty tho

Two months from today, my short story collection EVEN GREATER MISTAKES comes out! If you only ever read one book of mine, I'd love for it to be this one, because my heart is in every one of those 19 stories. They are my strangest, most startling, most emotional work ever.

Kenny Loggins can't go anywhere without his best friend, Kenny Passwords.

It's a tough time to be promoting a book, what with book tours still not really happening. And a single-author collection is especially challenging at the best of times. So I would really really appreciate any help you can give with signal-boosting and pre-ordering.

I'm as proud of these tales as of anything else I've ever done. They are apocalyptic, romantic, political, dirty, queer and whimsical. They run the gamut from silly comedy to dark dystopia, but what ties them together is a focus on relationships and human connection.

Short fiction is often overlooked in our relentless focus on novels and novellas, but I really believe that a tiny story can spark a mighty blaze. You can pack so much oddness and flights of fancy and warmth and character into a few thousand words.

I guarantee even if you've read a bunch of my stuff, you haven't read a lot of these stories before. Many of them appeared in tiny literary magazines, small-press anthologies and niche venues.

These are stories about people trying to create meaning for themselves when the world is just going sideways and upside down. There's a thread running through all these tales: We can use creativity and community-building to solve the most impossible problems.