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Jessica William

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My first collection on still has 14 pieces left. WildLight is a collection of wildlife images in ethereal light, priced at 0.15Ξ including these images which come with a fine-art print. My 1/1 work on is here:

Scotland peeps, my segment about my photography and mental health will be on From 6pm

The meme production wheel by

With hitting $4K, it's become really hard to ignore the relationship between 'value' and 'holding your ground'. That's why I've reduced the ETH reserve on all but one of my pieces on FND in line with a $ value similar to back in the Summer. All of these are now 0.49ETH

Just one piece left at the moment in my Shingle Street collection at 0.25Eth. #15 - Hope - plus just one currently left on secondary at 0.65eth

Pam was one of the first wildlife focused photographers I met in the NFT space. A great photographer & an ever better human! 😊 You can feel the special bond she has with all the animals in her ‘Stare’ collection . Check out her stunning collection!

Check out ‘s Wings in Time collection. Creative bird images - photography and digital oil painting composites! Stunning

Coming soon 🐸 let’s Frogging goooooo!

Only 2 pieces remaining in my <Speed of Light> collection. - 0.4 Ξ - free NFT banner to all collectors - Presale for next drop - Discount on next SoL drop 👀

Running Out of Time - “OUR JUNGLE”drops tomorrow!! Join the drop party!! We’ll chat about the project, the goal to help protect the jungle in Borneo and its Orangutans, the future of how NFTs can help save wildlife, and our connection to nature. 🦧❤️

Moose in Grand Teton National Park.

Assuming antelopes are allowed as well 🙂 here's one from me

I hope you notice bird too 😀🤟

Whoaaaaaa 🦌🦌🦌🦌 We love the deer! Thank you for sharing. Share your best deer images below.

Orions Paradox One of the more unusual pieces from the Liquid Singularity collection. Many have asked if this is computer generated, its not, its a painting, a scene that was 10-20mm in size, and photographed at high magnification with a macro lens.

Beautiful photos of an amazing place in the Kerelan Western Ghats .