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Jessica William

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Great coverage on the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame from this past weekend…

UN Creates Permanent Body to Address Challenges of Racism

A is not impeding on your rights you fucking morons. It’s called participating in society to get us all out of a global pandemic.

It's just this simple America! You give a fuck about humanity so you got vaccinated! You refuse to get vaccinated and you don't give a fuck about humanity! If anyone is following me in the second group, proceed to the unfollow button! I want to ALWAYS move humanity forward!

“COVID doesn’t kill that many kids.” Example of a stupid argument.

I’m speaking for all women of color when I say … GO FUCK YOURSELF !!!

New Images! Unmasked!! Do you know this man?? Possibly from and possibly owns dog. Please contact the FBI with 387-AFO Please do not post names on social media . You know eventually were gonna find you so might as well turn yourself in!

RT if you’re vaccinated but still wearing a mask.

Simone Biles revealed that her aunt died unexpectedly during the Tokyo Olympics. Friendly reminder for anyone who gave her shit to delete your account.

Accountability isn’t a Red/Blue thing. But a responsibility thing. An own up to your behavior, that’s not ok, my voice matters, I don’t care who you are you can’t treat me this way thing. A no voice too small, or man too big to be held accountable for marginalizing it thing…

If you’re a veteran who despises Trump and I’m not following you, let me know! That’s an immediate follow back!

If you're ready for everyone in this country to be for , please retweet this because I would like to follow you.

The NY lieutenant governor is NOT going to pardon Trump! The LG is Kathy Hochul. She’s a Democrat. Please RT this so we can knock down folks’ anxious misinformation!

won't even be able to run for dog catcher if he doesn't make an attempt to control the spread of in But he wants to run for President of the United States. Fat chance.