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mask wearing.

had to be. Don't even try and tell me you can't make the patients keep their masks on or that you can't manage to call people in from outside because I don't buy it. I walked into that waiting room and I could practically feel the Covid in the air with all the coughing and non

this is still your JOB. And if you choose to continue to do it, then make sure you are doing no harm to those who are only there because they are desperate and can't wait to see their family doctor. You made an extremely scary and anxiety producing episode 100 times worse than it

an ER waiting room and your aren't even doing the BARE MINIMUM to ensure the heart attack, appendicitis, broken bone patients are minimally protected. I'm disgusted at the lack of concern for your patients. I know you are all probably tired and burned out. I do sympathize. But

telling me that occasionally one can't break away from the door herd and check to make sure people are wearing their masks? I'm sick to death of the unvaccinated, inconsiderate morons taking over and making others sick. And they get their way. They don't even wear the masks in

Christ sake, it worked for the car dealer I worked for. You aren't even making sure that the patients are adhering to wearing a mask. What are your security guards there for? They didn't even look through my purse and just sent me through. Three of them just standing there. You

your procedures to make it safer for your patients. We aren't in Florida. We aren't turning patients away. The very LEAST you could do would be to put a system in where by someone could go to the outside of the building in the fresh air and hear their name being called. For

been given and had never had a back reaction to before. I was told to stop the steroids and sent home. NOW...As far as your waiting room and your total disregard for your patients. I am very much aware we are in the middle of a pandemic. You've had MONTHS to be able to adjust

did have a stretcher in a hallway with one other patient lying out there. I would have taken a rusty bucket in a supply closet to sit on if I had to. She placed me out there and I laid there for most of the night. I was having a severely bad reaction to a steroid pack I had

to the triage nurse and told her I had already left once before. She did an EKG and immediately pulled blood without being asked to. She could also see what a total mess I was and if she sent me out there again I'd have a full on panic attack. She didn't have any rooms but she

became so freaked out I left only to have to come back at 1:15 am with a BP of 185. The waiting room had about half the people in it they had before. Still no masks. No social distancing. I was an anxiety ridden mess and I'm sure that contributed to the high bp as well. I spoke

outside and they could phone me or have a guard stick their head out the door and call me. NO. You have to be in the waiting room or you miss your turn. I tried to get away from that woman. She must have seen me moving away from her because she then proceeded to follow me. I

thought her mask was there to keep her double chins warm. She was dry coughing everywhere. I asked the receptionist if you were keeping the Covid patients separated in some way. NO. Everyone, regardless of how sick are in the waiting room. I asked if I could just stand right

Hell's Waiting Room to await blood work when it could have been pulled right there in triage. It was packed, no social distancing, many not even bothering with masks. No one, not a nurse or security guard was telling people to wear their masks. I stood near a woman who

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Finally had to go to the emergency room tonight. It was like the waiting room in hell. Coughing. Not wearing their masks properly. I freaked so bad I left only to have to go back in later. Full blown anxiety attack. They didn’t make me wait out there. They put me in a hall.

CSPAN has to cancel this coverage ⬇️, unless CSPAN is prepared to cover all political challengers around the country. Spread the word.

Can we have a moment of appreciation for the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head 1 year ago today, proving without a doubt, that he’s a piece of shit.

It could happen again 03