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Jessica William

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Thank you for making it simple. has NO excuses and and need to drop that 50k cap crap and start pushing for total cancellation. Lets get it done.

Joe Biden is right - we must get rid of Joe Biden.

Fyi- tweeted 5 times today, and yet its been 6 months and still no memo.

Why should the government profit from education debt?

Student debt is not normal

Cancel student debt

Maybe can pressure on cancelling student debt while he’s there?

Today’s tea: ) ) ) ( ) ( ) ) ) _(___(____)____(_____ \ /__ \ Can Cancel / | \ Student /__ _| \ Debt / \ / \________/

No one should have to choose between getting an education and putting food on the table. .

Sending SO MUCH love and support to full student debt cancellation. You got this.

(•_•) <) )╯cancel / (•_•) ( (> it / (•_•) <) )> all /

Let's do predatory lending! Such innovation! Much wow!

Days until student loan payments resume: 145

Football starts tonight, a lot of people will be gambling. I got over 2.5 tweets and 0 memo’s.

The best way to fix the student debt crisis is to cancel all student loans. It really is that simple.