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Jessica William

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Who paid off Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s $92,000 country club fees, his $200,000 credit card debt AND his $1.2 million mortgage to purchase a SCOTUS seat?

So much death. So much suffering. A pain that will echo across generations. And so much of it preventable. Sometimes I catch myself in a moment of reflection completely unable to fully wrap my head around what continues to transpire.

Curious, from the WA Post: on Thursday endorsed lawyer Matthew DePerno for Michigan attorney general, who filed a lawsuit calling for a statewide audit after Trump’s loss there based on alleged election fraud in one rural country. A tabulation error by an 1/2

Democrats are gaining enthusiasm. Republicans are looking for a hospital bed.

Breaks your heart, don't it? (No)

😱 Covid is NO joke. Wear a mask and get vaccinated

Unbelievable. Reporting just now on stating Capitol Police Chief, Tom Manger said the BIGGEST threat at the Capitol today are counter-protesters. I have questions… They have learned nothing ‼️

So, addiction is the problem, not that it's a pipeline for psyops attacks by Russia and other hostile countries? I can't even.

The Wall Street Journal's "Facebook Files" series invites comparisons to Big Tobacco. Internal company documents show that Facebook knows, "in acute detail," about the many harms to addicted users. But, in the words of the Journal, Facebook "hasn't fixed" its flaws.

Walter Reed hospital denied allegations that the removed TFG’s soul during Covid treatment. A spokesperson said “No, we checked. He came in here without one.”

The situation in Del Rio, TX is so *dangerous* that is there with only plastic and wire fencing and a single member of the Border patrol as protection from the *existential threat* to the United States. (cue eyeroll)

Listen. Dr. Pepper literally advertises itself as having 23 secret flavors and people say “Oooh cool commercial, it’s a spicy Pepsi” But a lifesaving vaccine comes out, with ALL info listed, and those same people say “Nope, not for me. Idk what’s in there. I only trust one Dr.”

NEW: A Texas doctor revealed in a op-ed that he performed an abortion after the state’s new 6-week ban went into effect. “I acted because I had a duty of care to this patient, as I do for all patients, and because she has a fundamental right to receive this care.”

The upwards of $640 Million that both Crimestress Ivanka and criminal slumlord damien blow up doll Jared Kushner made during their gigantic White House Ponzi scheme needs to be investigated, their assets seized and should lead to their arrests. That is all. That is the tweet.

Final though before I sleep…. We need to pray for morticians, pathologists and post death care providers. If I am overwhelmed I can’t imagine how they are coping.

Who thinks Republican members of congress participated in the insurrection?