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Yesterday was “National Hug a Newsperson Day.” I love these guys.

When they ask Larry Elder what went wrong, he should answer, “I can’t recall.”

My name is Tarik Khan, I’m a frontline nurse and I’m running for State Representative to transform our broken system and build a Pennsylvania for all of us. Nurses, patients, and workers are fed up. It's our time to lead. Join us:

Earlier this summer, I went to a giant sequoia grove hit by last year's Castle Fire. I wasn't prepared for what I saw. Here's what's hopeful - scientists are working to save the rest. It's a question of fast they can do prescribed burns in those groves 1/

In the grove I saw, there were a dozen dead sequoias, all 1,000+ years old. For the scientists from , it was unprecedented. Sequoias are some of the most fire-adapted trees on the planet. But the Castle Fire was so intense, as many as 10,600 were likely killed 2/

The fire was a shocking wake up call about climate change and forest management. Nate Stephenson of USGS told me when he realized the damage, "I couldn't help it. I don't cry often, but I cried when I saw the photos. Because I love these trees." 3/

Update: family member is being intubated but she "has a good attitude about it." She's "God's child" and "he will do what is best for her and all of us," meaning her children and grandchildren, I suppose.

Wise words. Our democracy will continue to degenerate if the public has no confidence in law enforcement, courts (especially SCOTUS), government agencies, and elected officials. Time to clean house.

There's no excuse for 📸 Christina Aguilera

Some air pollution levels have inched up in recent years, and accumulating evidence suggests that higher levels of particulates in the air are linked with increased levels of hospitalization for many serious health problems:

Kristi Noem won’t mandate masks in school but prayer in schools another matter… maybe kids just pray they don’t die of Covid because some crackpot thinks she has a political future… she doesn’t

“I’ve got my own vaccine passport, it’s called the Bill of Rights” mans last anti vaxx video before he and his wife die from Covid… still trying to figure out if owning Libs is worth dying for cuz it appears Libs are winning

I have a friends at work who both teach. The have 2 kids. Last week, the daycare closed because of . They are rotating days off to be with their kids. The emotional toll on teachers will result in massive numbers who leave the profession.

France is angry/weighing other responses, recalling its ambassadors from US & Australia. “France called the secretly-negotiated submarine deal, which cancelled a $660 B Australian agreement to buy French subs, “unacceptable” Merde!

Kudos to Waterloo’s 1st Black police chief. The uniforms have insignia similar to a KKK symbol. Joel Fitzgerald is getting backlash for wanting it removed. Non racists would never complain about the removal. What does it tell you about Waterloo, Iowa?

My brother in law's funeral is tomorrow and not sure if I'm going. Too many unvaxxed people there. The next funeral could be mine. People are so fucking selfish! They ruin it for everyone.

On this Women's rights are not equal and the filibuster is not in the constitution. RBG would support us in ending the filibuster to protect Roe v Wade and Gender Equality.