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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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Polls close Monday! There’s still time to get out and vote. 🗳

I’m sorry, but one dose is not enough. We should have these numbers will FULL vaccinations.

If I still haven't inspired or motivated you to get fit.... Remember... If you don't exercise the ZOMBIES will eat the slow ones first!

September is still summer in southern Ontario. ☀️

Today is ! Here is a good reminder why picking up your trash & fishing line is so important so manatees & other wildlife doesn't get entangled. Coco's situation is a good example. A big Thank You to everyone who helped!

"All of us have a moral obligation to continue the fight for freedom and justice that was the cornerstone of Justice Ginsburg’s life and career. And we must do it now."

May I cleanse your timeline with a kitty, introducing her baby to the baby? Credit Imgur/Maymyenemieslivelong

Happening in my hometown. 👀 Women have a right to feel safe on campus. 💪

BREAKING: Republican Senator Mitt Romney calls out his own party’s “moronic” unvaccinated legions, saying that the only reason why they refuse to take the vaccine is because “they think that their team doesn’t want them to.” RT IF YOU AGREE WITH ROMNEY THAT HIS PARTY IS MORONIC!

What is the #1 reason you don't believe in god? Here's mine: Because god is silent I cannot believe that any god would exist and not make themselves known CLEARLY and across all races, cultures and times. The fact that believers can't agree on anything proves there is no god.

I'm sure I probably don't need to say this, but just in case: STAY FAR AWAY from the pro-trump Big Lie March happening in DC tomorrow, September 18. Please. They are looking for violence. PASS IT ON.

Didn’t Thomas pretty much just do what he’s warning against?

What’s your favorite oxymoron? Mine is “Justice Clarence Thomas”

This press conference by CPC Leader Erin O’Toole is troubling. Using the limited questions they’re allowed, reporters have asked O’Toole repeatedly about his past praise of Jason Kenney’s handling of COVID-19. He’s answering with dodge after dodge and reporters mics are cut.