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Jessica William

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taejin being cute and cuddly here is so soft. taehyung babying jinnie is another level of showing love 🥺

who will seokjin : me celebrate his birthday in jingle ball with armys ??

🎖 Nomination to the Fanclub, in gratitude for making the growth of our artists possible.

the way tae & jimin were shading each other's eyes from the sun so that the other could throw basketball tears me up everytime ಥ⌣ಥ

remember when seokjin already knows that bangtan already preparing his cake birthday and jimin's reaction forever hilarious 😭

jingle ball 2019 seokjin has never left my mind :

We’re so grateful to SUGA for this glorious remix. A BRILLIANT producer on top of everything else ⚡️⚡️⚡️ love c, g, w + j

when taehyung called jimin "hyung" 😭

Before anything else, be aware as to what this is. If you see any of these polls/any other suspicious polls DO NOT VOTE. Have the common sense to know that something is wrong. These are suic!de polls used by someone in the most vulnerable state to decide how and when to do it.

A guide on how to handle suic!de polls by someone who was very close to posting one recently

pov : a sunset date with jung hoseok 🌅

me stuck at the fact how the album art of My Universe SUGA's Remix is purple


in case u still have no idea how special friends is to vmin and how big this news is this is them just a few hours after the release of the song

SUGA’S Remix // TODAY 4pm BST, midnight KST, 8am PT // 💜

슈가형이랑 막둥이들 〰️🤍

this taehyung making a biggest heart to show how much he loves us :(