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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Hey Ohio peeps!! Gov DeWine has officially opened all vaccine eligibility to ANYONE 16+!! Use the link 2 make an appointment! Godspeed! Remember, you are NOT taking away the vaccine from someone who deserves it more! You are human and therefore worthy 💜

you guys know this is the greatest and possibly also longest running but if all time right?? it’s the GOAT??? Do you know that I was screaming and crying and living watching this???

so my mom saw Dune this week and said that Timy ShamSham looks like a Sad Boy who needs a Well to stare deeply into and Be Emotional and yeah I get why people like him now

that’s amazing!!! the dedication!! can’t wait to watch 🥰

my coworker Dave is cheating on listening to xmas music by playing the 5th Symphony and I’m cheating by listening to the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack 😂

one of my favorite lines from is the surprisingly versatile “I know it’s for babies but I NEEEEEED IT” 😂😂 I’m always amazed whenever I find a totally different context where that applies perfectly

idk if it’s just me, but I always read those “Salt Life” bumper stickers as “Slut Life” 😂😂 no judgement there you live your life

It is a bones day! Spread bones day vibes today.

if I have to see one more advertissmónte of Amy fucking schumer shove a whole as tampon out of the capsule and directly into her mouth completely dead serious I’m gonna lose it

I’m actually ok if tv shows pretend the pandemic did not happen

Evil dodie be like “here I am with arms crossed menacingly” 😂 these are delightful

the thing i love about is that it’s so clear the people who make it love star trek the way i love star trek. that’s so magical to me

RUTHERFORD IS A SLEEPER AGENT I literally love him so much and I’m SO READY for crazy backstory let’s goooooo


There’s a new episode of BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural today.

Nintendo’s latest Animal Crossing Direct live stream starts at 7am PT / 10am ET / 3pm BST. You’ll be able to watch it here: