Back and back pain are the reason for these bad habits everyday, they cause huge damage to Spine

New Delhi: You must have felt this in yourself too and have seen friends and relatives around you that most people nowadays have neck, back and back pain (Back pain) Problem. The biggest reason for this is spinal problems. The way you sit, walk or sleep – all three have both good and bad effects on your spine. But do you know that due to some bad habits of your own, you continue to have back and back pain. Before your normal pain takes the form of some serious disease, change your habits immediately.

These wrong habits cause damage to the spine

1. Desk job or sitting in one place for too long
If you also have a desk job, if you do not even get up from your seat for hours then this habit of course will have a bad effect on your spine. Sitting for long while sitting in the same position for a long time (Sitting for long) increases the pressure on the muscles of the back and waist, neck and spine, which causes pain there after some time. No matter how much comfortable chair you use for this, but if you will be sitting in one place for a long time, then your pain will not be cured. So after every 30 minutes, get up from your place, do stretching for 2-3 minutes and then sit back.

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2. Wrong position is the enemy of your spine
You must have seen many people that when they work in front of computer or laptop, their back and shoulders are bent. Many people keep their neck bowed continuously even while using smartphones. If you work in this wrong posture for a long time, then it has a bad effect on your spine and the spine slowly starts to shrink, which not only causes pain in the back and waist but also the body texture. It worsens So always stand upright, sit with your back and waist straight and do yoga. Yoga helps to correct posures.

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3. Smoking also causes damage to the spine
If you smoke then you are 3 times more likely to get back and back pain than those who do not smoke. The reason for this is that most people do not understand how smoking affects not only the langs but also the bones, and the disc present in the spinal cord starts to weaken prematurely. Also, due to smoking, the blood flow in the spine also decreases, due to which the bones become weak and the risk of osteoporosis disease increases.

4. Use a heavy bagpack
When it comes to back pens, heavy bagpack is also considered responsible for this. Hanging the bag on the shoulder causes stress on the back and waist and the muscles that support the spinal cord are exhausted. By the way, children who fill a lot of books in their bagpack and make them heavy, they may face this problem more. So it is very important that the weight of your bag does not exceed 20 percent of your weight.

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5. Wearing high heels at all times
Many women like to wear high heels but inadvertently their same habit gives them back pain. It has been proved in many research that high heels change the natural alignment of your spine, which increases the risk of back and back pain in the future by several times. Apart from this, due to wearing heels regularly, the vertebral disc is also damaged along with the spine.

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