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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I picked up some extra work at the nursing home this weekend. I haven’t been on feed. I tried to catch up on following back. I like to give small accounts (not, like, I am large) lol 😂 a chance. This morning I had to Unfollow/blocked 5 people!! DO NOT DM me! I BLOCK you BUTT!

Check out this video from : FRONTLINE, Doctor Hotspot

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Beautiful hike yesterday!

Really proud of this billboard in my state courtesy of

Please reach out, no one is ever really alone🧚🏻🧚🏻

Sadly, we don’t always know the depths of someone’s depression until it is too late. May I please have even 1 follower copy and re-post? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is listening ❤ Just one.

That is some scary sh*t!

We need 3 added seats, 2 to replace Manchin and Sinema and a 51st vote. PA will make 1 of the 3 needed.

I'm please asking everyone to refrain from putting me on anymore lists for now, I have ppl to follow and I'm getting lot's of bots and ppl in areas of interest that I'm so not into! My bio pretty much says why I'm on here! If you don't dig what I'm into then Peace Out! 🌍✌🏼TY

If you follow me and you never like, comment, or reply on one single tweet please unfollow me. I don't like ghost followers. I'm here for the socializing part of social media.

I just wish that twitter didn't show me the same 50 or so people, over and over. I know I'm missing some good content.

The great Leonard Pitts minces no words. To those who whine and quit their jobs rather than comply with vaccine mandate: See ya!

Republicans passed a $2.3 trillion tax cut for the rich. They added $7 trillion to the deficit under the former guy. And we're supposed to believe they're risking a shutdown because they care about the national debt? It's all just a game to them.

If YOU are NOT a ~ WHAT BEST It's NOT Politicians It's NOT PRIVATIZATION IT IS the

Having my surgery tomorrow. Wish me luck.

I’ve lived in Washington State for 20 years and have always voted by mail here

Finally after years on Twitter I’m up to almost 200 followers!! Thanks to and her fellow . Would love to meet even more of you! 😎

You cannot control the behavior of others, but you can always choose how you respond to it.