Jessica William

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

❤️ I feel I am just another human being, a part of the world in which I live. Therefore, I’m never lonely. I think of whoever I meet as being the same as me. We don’t need to be introduced. If they have two eyes, one nose & a mouth, I think of other people as being human like me~

The federal eviction moratorium expired July 31 — here’s what that means for millions of Americans struggling to pay rent

Good morning world ☕🍵🫖🍪🥞🍒🫐🍓🍏 Wishing you a beautiful day ahead full of love and kindness. Be kind to yourself and others 🙏😇😊 Remember the power of a smile😊have one and give away, one smile at a time. 😊Big hugs 🤗😷😊💞💞

Obama is planning a 60th birthday party with hundreds of guests on Martha’s Vineyard, drawing some GOP criticism as the party comes at a time that the country is grappling with rising Covid-19 case counts

Friends and Resisters please follow and retweet. Let's boost Leah to 29k and beyond. Leah is a resister, is one to make you laugh, is compassionate towards other and one hell of a lady. Let's show her some love.❤

Tysvm my Sweet Anne❣️🥰🥰. Just now seeing this! 🙈🙈. Your strength and beauty knows no bounds. 💓🙏🏼💞

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Rangers, we salute you! They are the unsung heroes of the conservation world helping to stop poachers, resolve human-wildlife conflict and fight wild fires. Find out how our SWT/KWS De-Snaring Teams are making a difference in Kenya:

I recieve so much kindness here. You know who you are❤💖. Pls know and feel my gratitude. I bid you all a good night. Can't seem to stop crying❤. 🐧

Anne I simply adore you!🤗 Thank you so much for including me now, and everything else you've done for me💙😘

Thank you so much, Anne!

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I've never done this cos I know a lot of people hate this and I'm so sorry to ask, but she's one of my closest friends. Every bit helps or please help me share it. Thank you 💙 Help Rowena Anderson Fight Back