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Although peatlands cover only 3% of the global land surface area, they hold nearly 30% of the world’s terrestrial soil carbon. & ! For more info on peatlands, visit

WeNaturalists names as the Storyteller With a Purpose 2021 for the awards. Rafiqul Islam Montu is considered the pioneer of coastal . Over 30 years, he has worked extensively on documenting the lives and challenges of people in coastal areas.

WeNaturalists names as the Climate Change Voice of 2021 for the awards. Kaluki is the regional director for (Africa), an initiative promoting youth-led solutions for climate & environmental crises. He is an ambassador for the .

My two cents on nature-based solutions- "Incentivizing the green economy and giving an impetus for private players to make investments in this sector will propel us towards a sustainable future." Read more -

Brown rock chat, Rajasthan Birds are probably humanity's inspiration for tightrope walking. Apart from planes, how else do you think birds have inspired humans?


It makes a significant difference to recycle. It makes a big difference to use recycled products. It makes a big difference to reuse things, to not use single-use plastic products – and each time you do, that’s a victory.

Human activities have damaged the environment on an unprecedented level. 75% land environment & 66% marine environment is severely altered due to human actions. We are responsible for our planet. Retweet to bring it to people's attention. Read more👇

Have a look👀 at the Story Book of my phenomenal trip to Kaas. Captured some really outstanding pictures. Thanks to the Story Book, I managed bringing my pictures to life and showcasing my journey in nature. Check it out👇

Volcanic ash halts flights on Spanish island Planes were grounded on La Palma, one of Spain's Canary Islands, for the second straight day. Read more such stories on

Wildlife SOS has a comprehensive approach to saving India’s wildlife. Their broad efforts in & welfare have an overarching ethic & belief that true protection for wildlife can happen only if we address the economic challenges of communities that exploit .

While growing up, Donna Goodman spent a lot of time exploring the natural world while dreaming of visiting in faraway places. Since then, she has worked in 60+ countries over the last 25 years, talking about important environmental issues like Water, and Climate Change.

“One person can make a difference” – If there’s a quote that defines Anuar best, it has to be this one. Founder of Global and the creator of the Dive-Coral Propagation Program, Anuar Abdullah is an oceanographer turned conservationist from Malaysia.

Results from our work on ground in Guinea Conakry is keeping pace, confirming that land restoration is an opportunity multiplier youths and women

Because of their strength, Eagles have been a symbol of war and imperial power since Babylonian times. Their likeness is found on Greek and Roman ruins, coins, and medals. Support the conservation of these majestic birds on .

We’re at a tipping point for climate. Either we act boldly and quickly to cut emissions, or we witness the worst of the climate crisis.

The is East Africa’s 1st NGO to raise awareness of the challenges faced by rangers in their fight against poaching. Founded in 2014 by , a well-known Kenyan . Connect with more such global nature organizations on .

The has been fuelled by the lack of responsibility and ownership from authorities and us as a civilization alike. It's late but change is still possible if we act right now.

The Local Conference of the Youth Kenya 2021 officially kicked off. Have a look at inspiring climate activists👇

The insatiable human tendency to consume is changing our planet and the life on it, but can we change our behaviour? Earth provides enough for our needs, not our greed. We currently need 1.7 Earths to meet our current demand for resources.