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Jessica William

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John Doe

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Yes I am the Crunchyroll guy. Also Megumin best girl.

I low-key really hope this isn't the end of and that there is more. It feels too sad.

and unban my account or at least get back to me by email because it has been a lot of weeks since I reached out to your support team and no answer. Please, help me out here.

So will be stuck in netflix jail for a month? and then air ahead of the TV stations or will it wait for the TV airing to catch up. This is weird but hopefully they have enough time to make it a masterpiece like every other part.

y'all made a fucking amazing show and I do hope it continues. (Not sure why they talked on the panel as if the movie didn't exist but whatever). Can't wait to see more of this amazing show. so again

one of the worse Mexican performances ever. fuck these penalties.

As my first con ever, Animanga Ontario was fun, had to wait in line for too long but it was fun with that crazy Jesus preaching dude. Also played some smash and got to quarter finals. Sucks I can't go all weekend.

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Yo wtf why are are you down, I mean let me take the chance to say ur "beta" is shit and to take that shit off and go back to the old website cuz I randomly get logged out in the "beta" and cant get back in. Its making it hard to comment sometimes.

This new key visual looks fucking sick. Daki just being menacing in the back ground and Tengen looking flamboyant as always got me hyped up.

THAT TRAILER WAS FUCKING AMAZING. Chainsaw man about to do it as big as jjk maybe even more

Is Demon Slayer an Amazing series? Yes Yes Yes 👇👇👇

1 RT= 1 Head Pat 💜


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Mr. Sakurai has done wonderful things that will indeed stand the test of time and I hope he continues bringing happiness to countless millions of people.

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