Along with reducing fat, these 5 things will also help in weight loss, definitely include it in dinner.

New Delhi: When it comes to weight loss, one thing that should always be remembered is that there is no shortcut to it. Along with healthy and balanced diet, if you do regular workouts daily, then only you will lose weight (weight loss) and that too gradually. Many of us are unable to do morning breakfast and lunch of the day properly, so dinner, dinner (Dinner), is eaten in full and overeating also occurs in this cycle. But today we are telling you about such foods that if you include them in your dinner, then you will not only fill your stomach but also weight as well as belly fat (Belly fat) Will also help in reducing.

Eat these things at dinner for weight loss

1. Capsicum- In a study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in the year 2016, researchers found that capsicum (red, yellow and green) (Bell Pepper) found a kind of plant compound called flavonoids and it is very effective in weight loss. Can help With the help of these plant compounds, you consume fewer calories, the stomach gets full quickly and the blood sugar function is also better. So if you want, you can eat stuffed capsicum at dinner.

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2. Oats – Oats can be a good option not only for breakfast but also for dinner. The reason for this is that if you eat oats rich in protein and fiber at dinner, then your stomach is full for a long time, due to which you do not feel hungry at night. Also, calories in oats are also low, so there is no risk of weight gain. In a study done on 48 adults, it has also been proved that oats helps in controlling hunger.

3. Green Salad- You can start your dinner with Green Salad because calories are very low in it. Also, according to research, if you start eating with salad then overall calorie intake is reduced by 12-15 percent. The vegetables present in the salad are full of fiber, which feels full after eating for a long time. So, you must eat healthy salad at dinner.

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4. Whole Grains – Whole grains such as whole-wheat-bread made from brown rice, kainwa and whole wheat also help in weight loss. The reason for this is that apart from fiber in whole grains, there is also magnesium which helps in regulating metabolism. Metabolism itself helps in burning calories in the body which leads to rapid weight loss. So if you want, you can also include these foods in your dinner.

5. Cheese- If you think that eating cottage cheese will increase your weight then you are wrong. Paneer contains natural protein which helps in filling your stomach without giving more calories to the body. It has been revealed in many research that high-protein diet helps in weight loss. Apart from this, tryptophan, an amino acid necessary for the body, is also found in cheese which helps in resting the nervous system and helps in getting good sleep. We all know how good sleep is related to weight loss.

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