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if anyone in innittwt is like defending the jokes tommy made that stream pls sb me, most of innittwt are being mature and actyally holding him accountable but i know some of y’all are just not

Tommyinnit has this issue of not knowing when his jokes fit his persona or when they are just insensitive and i think he really needs to work on that :/

the persona genuinely ruins tommys look so bad sometimes when he doesn’t think, like it doesn’t hurt to drop it now and again just saying. like he’s a genuine nice person when he’s not in his persona, i wish he woukd just tone it down.

if you need cc neg or cc crit tagged just log out

tommy is not responsible enough to have an audience as big as he does and it becomes more and more obvious everytime he streams

reminder u cant joke ab shit you haven't went through if its "dark humor" 🥴

“cc neg” this isn’t neg, if u genuinely get upset over criticism, then pls log off

ok let me make this VERY CLEAR - tommy, A WHITE PERSON, should not be making a SLAVE joke in any context, ESPECIALLY when it is targetted at a BLACK PERSON and WHITE PEOPLE SHOULDNT BE LAUGHING AT SLAVE JOKES

please someone dono him that the jokes are weird and wrong !

Hopefully Tommy says something at the end or sometime later bc those jokes aren't something YOU can make and lots of ppl already know this!!! its not hard to understand!!! God

// grooming, sexual harassment mention grooming jokes and any form of sexual harassment jokes have never and will never be funny! wish ccs could get that through their head!

// tommy crit tommy u can NOT makes those jokes with almost 80K people watching you LIVE. eryn may be okay with those jokes but that does not mean it’s okay to say it in front of your audience which is no doubt filled with poc. i’m TIRED dude i can’t keep living like this ..

🔴 Live playing MINECRAFT right now if you wanna join :3

tommy please for the love of god think before you speak

reminder that eryn has said that c!tommy is his favourite character…we may have another character in c!tommys corner

the amount of ppl who are genuinely upset abt she/her c!wilbur but not headcanons abt he/they c!tubbo or they/them c!ranboo (before cc!ranboo canonised it) just kinda show the trans misogyny in this fandom ngl

: we don't need armour here ! now where have i seen this before

Anyways here’s an backstory for c!eryn He was pals with Tommy before he left their hometown and went to go live in the area of the dsmp After Tommy left, the town fell to the egg and Eyrn got sick from it, being forever corrupted by it

for anyone who doesn't know, eryn uses he/they pronouns :D

c!tommy and c!eryn old childhood friends because it’ll hurt more that way vs. c!tommy literally not knowing who the fuck c!eryn is and deciding “this kid is MY friend now. MINE!!” Being funny as hell