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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

This is not a good list.

Newsflash: Children in elementary schools have ZERO PROBLEM wearing masks. NONE. Adults outside the schools are the ONLY PROBLEM. We had 300 kids in masks, even during recess, and they NEVER complained; because kids understand social responsibility, unlike many so-called adults.

I’m dying!!!! Devin Nunes is suing NBC because he is big mad that Rachel Maddow has been picking on him too much. The lawsuit states that Maddow has accused him of being Russia-compromised, and has harassed him by repeatedly accusing him of treason.

I’m worth 10 billion dollars but have to keep asking my cult for donations…why? Because it’s far easier to spend their money then my own😂😂😂… people so dumb they keep giving it to me… another reason is I may actually be broke AF

Most lies told in all human history. Largest-ever national debt. Biggest stock market drop. Highest turnover among senior officials. Most criminal convictions among same. Most pandemic infections. Most avoidable deaths. In only one term, while golfing, and being impeached. Twice.

Al Franken was forced out of the Senate over a “joke” photograph he took before he was even a senator. Kevin McCarthy makes a “joke” about physically assaulting Nancy Pelosi while serving as a “representative” yet still keeps his position as House Minority Leader?

Scott Dworkin led and continues to lead the digital Resistance against Trump and the GQP. He is currently less than 5.5K followers away from 1 million! Retweet, follow and let’s get him to a million!

Even though the ACTUAL MURDERERS have said that Kevin Strickland –a 62-year-old Black man who's spent two-thirds of his life in prison– wasn't involved, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson decided to pardon Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the white gun-wielding circus act instead?? Got it.

If you're ready for everyone in this country to be for , please retweet this because I would like to follow you.

Protect yourself and your loved ones because DeSantis won’t help you or your family. Too inept and corrupt to lead he must be voted out.

Who is going to stop this madness? Republican governors are giving license to civilians to threaten and kill protestors they disagree with.

Republicans calling on Cuomo to resign are making a highly principled case that someone with 11 documented cases of sexual abuse shouldn't lead anything. At least 24 documented cases are the minimum for them.

RT if you want Louis DeJoy fired

It’s time we finally say it: Kevin McCarthy is a traitor.

Everyday I see the consequences of the 45th presidency and the mouth pieces he left behind. Trumpism is far from over. If you sat 2016 out because of Hillary’s emails and now are disgusted at the GQP remember that elections matter.

Masks are back & I couldn’t be more pissed. I hate them. I was ready to burn them. But you know why we have to wear them? THOSE GUYS in the — they lied about vaccines & the damn virus is back. RT if it’s time McCarthy’s GOP tells the truth about vaccines.