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Jessica William

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Goal = make a documentary showing why is necessary. I have a 2nd son born w/ cleft lip & palate/autistic. This is all of our fight. Plz share across all social media platforms. This is all our fight. DOJ case # in details. 🌹🙏

I domestically abused onions🧅because they made me cry. Put them in a pan to destroy the evidence. 💪

Are you more of a dog person or cat person?

The penalty for not voting is being governed by inferiors.

Hartmann: The pandemic has shown how well single-payer & other national systems work in countries like Canada & across Europe; It’s similarly exposed how corrupt & dysfunctional the American patchwork-quilt for-profit system has become.

the Human body is composed of Sodium (Na) Carbon (C) Hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O) you are NaCHO!

Excellent goal! This week I had an anti vaxxer pt in a cancer support group I lead. She loudly said “docs are stupid, I did my own research and ya gotta use that high “LD50” dose of Ivermectin, not the worm dose.” (LD stands for lethal dose.)

You are probably one of a small breed of people who Have followed politics long enough to have Found The many contradictions and discrepancies in our nation's tax Code but are too honest to cheat.

She sells sea shells down by the sea shore.. Seas the day.. 🤔

The GOP pretends to care about the constitution. Notice the 2nd amendment is never questioned. Freakanomics proved abortions reduce crime rates. The anti life policies the GOP pro birth crowd employs is ANTI LIFE. REMOVE THE GOP

I’m curious how that “ban on homelessness” is going to work. Surely there’s a simple solution that we’ve missed all this time.

I distinctly recall, Merrick was Obama's pick. Remove $ from elections.

The GOP is technically killing off their base with reckless policies. IDC what side of the political spectrum one sits. Their contempt for women who remain the largest uninsured victims in the US rivals that of the Taliban. At least the Taliban would stone a father for rape.

If you're willing to admit you tweet from the 🚽drop your twitter handle & a comment. 🤣


That’s fantastic! Thank you! Would I go to you to respectfully ask for help with my petition to save my Husband’s life? He’s on Death Row for defending himself and being Black. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

I see lots of anger over the loss of abortion rights in TX. Aren't the people who refused to vote in elections just as responsible as those who voted for Abbot? Learn civics, get out, vote. Only 1:5 Americans vote in local elections, think school boards.