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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

It’s with great regret that I would like to report the “temporary” 🤞🏽 Twitter death of the artist formerly known as (Twitter sent me to prison for a 5 second video…). Anyways, please RT to help me find my mutuals 🥺😭

This is sending me 😭😂

ABOUT FÜCKING TIME! Watch Surviving Kelly on Netflix if you want to learn more about all the fcked up shit he did to women. I cried so much watching it.

Nooo keep it an women’s only episode!! 🤨

I feel like I would break my neck doing this lol

Charlotte Flair ate with this sell! 🔥

When becomes the first woman to hold the NXT and WWE Women's Tag Team Championships...Whew, we celebrating big!

This match ended tragically, but it ultimately was what launched Rhea to stardom. She was supposed to lose this before the many injuries happened. 😩

I don’t remember these lol

A fever dream lol

This is my favorite Mae Young Classic match from both years. I know there were better matches through out, but this is how I knew Bianca was gonna be the star she is today! What other MYC matches y’all liked?

One of my favorite Fatal 4 Way Matches!

Bianca Belair dragging Becky Lynch over to a fan and letting the fan hit Becky with her braid 😭 The smile on that girl’s face is awesome, this is what wrestling is about 💛

What are we choosing?

Dragging WWE now lol