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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

How about those Red Sox!!

I let you have your say. I'm not obtuse. I know it was aimed at me. So, here's what I have to say. I'm not big on being told who I should or shouldn't be friends with. Who I should or shouldn't talk to. Who I should or shouldn't be careful of. It seems the thing you're most

Grand slam!! !!!!!!


Halloween fact of the day courtesy of my friend’s son Jordan - age 4: “Witches make potions but they do not make sunscreen”

2 of 2 3.) End of the *** World- DARK comedy about a couple of messed up teens 4.) The Inbetweeners- another British comedy about some socially awkward high school lads 5.) Atypical- Michael Rapport and Jennifer Jason Leigh are the parents of an autistic teen finding his way

AP's Netflix Hidden Gems Comedy Edition 1.) Derry Girls- set in early 90's Ireland about group attending an all girls catholic school 2.) Documentary Now- Bill Hader and Fred Armisen's fake documentary series along the lines of those wonderful Christopher Guest movies 1 of 2

I can't remember the second half of that old rhyme "Vicodin before Scotch........"

Most people think Jesus died from crucifixion but really he died because he had crackers for skin....

I'm still waiting for the HotPocket I made 6 hours ago to cool down....

You can’t change the past except on your resume.

Let's be honest The hours between coffee and booze are basically pointless.

I just ate the absolute worst burger in my entire life - my office tried out - Burnt. Flavorless. Dry. Disgusting. Avoid this place friends.

In case no one told you, your ass looks great today!

On NOVEMBER SEVENTH we set our clocks back one hour. Unless you live in Texas where they already set them back 50 years. . . . Are you happy now?????

For anyone who was friends with -deathinalibrary- I’ve spoken with her and she is OK. That’s all the info available

A teacher shouldn’t pay a higher tax rate than a profitable company. It’s time we reward work in this country—not just wealth.

If nobody told you today, I appreciate you.

I’d be willing to cook a brisket for you if you can make a bad ass homemade key lime pie

Give me two good reasons to take my leggings off right now