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Do you know anyone personally who has contracted COVID-19? Without names, please. Just Yes or No.

Jelani Day deserves the same nationwide media coverage as Gabby Petito.

Jelani Day's death isn't getting enough attention. The Bloomington Police Department has shown the inability to handle a case of this nature. Now, his mother is pleading for federal help.

Thank you for shining a light on this. My condolences to his beloveds. Desecrating his body like that is so evil.

Nobody is talking about Jelani Day because he's a Black man and his death wasn't recorded on video.

If this happened to a white girl, would be all over it.

I have no words... except why? Why isn't the media focused on this?

This story is too horrific for it not to be all over the news & we all know why it’s not blowing up

Music is therapy.

Where's the media coverage for Jelani Day?

This is the best I could find to educate myself on Jelani's heart breaking story. Thank you for bringing attention where it's needed.

Jelani Day's brother, Seve Day, says his family isn't convinced police found the body of the missing Illinois grad student, and that officials appear to be 'trying to cover up' something.

Ten years ago, traveled to Lucedale, Mississippi, to report on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Locals told him there was another story he should look into: Billey Joe Johnson Jr.'s suspicious death. He did. is that story:🧵

Treat it like it was the death of a white female. We're still demanding answers!

He’s your son/cousin/brother/nephew…why’re his organs missing from his body?