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Jessica William

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A strong workforce and a solid education system made Virginia America’s Top State for Business in 2021! Youngkin’s MAGA ways will lead VA in a downward spiral. We need as Virginia’s next Governor! VOTE!

In a country as wealthy as the United States, it is unconscionable that a person’s access to healthcare often comes down to skin color, gender, income, geography, disability, and employment or immigration status.

Do you think election day should be a holiday? The Freedom To Vote Act would make Election Day a legal public holiday, making it easier for voters to get to the polls.

🆘🆘 Missing 14 yr old from Florida. Miangle was last seen in Clay County Florida Sunday 10/17. Let’s bring this young lady home.

The GOP is trying to steal elections through state houses. In November they want to flip Virginia’s. These candidates could block them from doing so, and need early money. You can make the biggest impact in state legislative races. If you give, Give Smart

RT if you believe protecting our democracy is more important than preserving the filibuster.

The Senate must pass the Freedom to Vote Act.

UPDATED PHOTOS: the needs help identifying people wanted for assaulting law enforcement during the Jan 6th violence at the Capitol. If you recognize #252 or #477, submit a tip to 1-800-CALL-FBI or . More:

Oklahoma is locking up 19-year-old women for having a miscarriage. Truly insane shit.

REP. SPANBERGER ensures her district has a strong economic outlook and everyone lives a quality life. She's strategic, intelligent and compassionate. REELECT ABIGAIL SPANBERGER (D-VA07) TO U.S. CONGRESS Follow |

🆘🆘 Missing 16 yr old from Tennessee. Anastasia has been missing since 10/15 and needs to be found.

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Building back better starts in the states. Since flipping the legislature in 2019, Virginia Democrats have been a model of progress—including helping us vaccinate folks to beat the pandemic. To keep our progress, we must elect and Democrats up and down the ballot.

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from when she did instant multiplication i knew her grocery choices would be top tier — focused on what's important🥺👏🏽

Disgusting. But not surprising.

RT this if you are ready to make this NRA puppet Marco Rubio's last year in office. I've been waiting four long years for this moment.

Thank you for endorsing me in my campaign for reelection. I value our workers and will continue to fight for Workers’ Rights across the Commonwealth.