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Jessica William

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Protect Voting Rights. Pass HR1.

Powerful reasons to prosecute someone for trying to flip an election. The state has passed a statute allowing the R legislature, through the state board of elections, to displace voting officials in Fulton County. Deterrence is essential

So Kristi Noem abused her power as governor to grant her daughter a real estate appraisers license. How else is she supposed receive kickbacks and break into money-laundering?

Kristi Noem is like Donald Trump but with less makeup and smaller breasts.

“Days after a SD agency moved to deny her daughter’s application to become a real estate appraiser Gov. Kristi Noem summoned to her office the employee who ran the agency, the woman’s supervisor and the state labor secretary. Noem’s daughter attended too.”

Daughter of South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem denied an appraisal license. Noem then calls the supervisor of the head of the licensing agency for meeting with her daughter. Daughter gets license, head of agency forced to resign.

Days before Kristi Noem’s daughter was about to have her application for real estate appraiser denied for lack of qualifications, the head of the agency reviewing it was summoned to Noem’s office for a meeting. Miraculously, she suddenly became qualified.

This is what happens when you elect not-so-bright folks to office. Also, IM EACH BIDEN!

Oh you dumb for real real. I thought it was just a gag

This moron right here. Because contagious respiratory diseases are headaches. Absolute idiot.

Good riddance to all the dumbass anti-vax pro-Trump SPAM cops.

Crazy Trumpers getting out of law enforcement? Oh well.

“Better dead than vaxxed” is is strange up hill on which to die, but y’all do you. Red Covid

Hey is this a winning strategy? Killing yourselves off?

Kinda like this mentality 😁😁:

Bush was awful, but rting because Trump is a loser.