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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

The way Charlie really weaseled his way into the villa and actually made it through until the end…I feel like he stole my Pizza or something, like this feels like a personal attack.

I told y’all she loves Cinco!


If Charlie thinks he’s making it past the next vote 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 *eye twitching laugh scream cry*

Elly and Ki-C? I kinda like it, they have the same smile/energy!

Charlie is definitely calling that girl “Atlanta” 😂

is it just me or has miss liv liv stolen cash personality, like from the hair flips to the squeals to the “prince charming” hmm

I feel like tge Islanders have built up tension amongst eachother. Maybe that’s why the vibes are off. Like I know Jeremy and Charlie can’t stand one another.

K-Ci needs time with Trina! Tomorrow is too soon!

If one girl is going home does that mean the islanders will have to pick between Cash & Trina?! Is my math right? 🤯

Cash got the whole villa talking like her, putting “Not” in front of everything 😂 even the guys!

Is Charlie a Scorpio?

So did Charles actually tell Cash he didn’t want to continue? I thought he actually broke it off. But when they spoke the next day it confused me.

Hopefully she’s just playing the game so she doesn’t get dropped. She can’t really afford to be the angry black woman, he’d recouple ASAP and everyone would say “I understand”.

Lemme bring this back here🙄 no Slander of Cashay proudfoot is acceptable henceforth.


I hope the new guy likes Trina 🙄 I never hated her, I just wanted her to find her own man. She deserves it!