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Jessica William

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The longer Orangeman and those who planned a coup remain free, no punishment, no consequences for seditious conspiracy to overthrow the US government, the worse MAGA gets. They're emboldened by inaction. Been sayin' it, gonna keep sayin' it. 👇

The ozone hole over the South Pole is now bigger than Antarctica

Fire crews in California's Sequoia National Park have wrapped General Sherman, the world's largest tree, in flame-resistant aluminum as wildfires threaten the giants. Fires have burned into several groves of trees as tall as 200 feet and 2,000 years old.

We're heading for 2°C by 2035-2050. What happens at 2°C? 20% of mammals & plants become extinct and human agriculture is at high risk. What else happens at 2°C? 2.5°C happens?! How many species become extinct around 2.5°C with thermal infertility & habitat loss? Up to 50%?

Female octopuses throw objects at males who harass them: Nature is more amazing and complex then we can ever imagine. Let's ensure we protect her in all her forms.

Greenland Sea Ice is currently at an all-time record low. We are in a climate emergency.

San Diego Afghans protest the , ask international community to help Afghans living in San Diego County protested downtown Saturday over the Taliban’s taking of their home nation, calling for US and international help.

Australian police on Saturday detained hundreds of people following anti-lockdown protests across the country, with massive clashes between authorities and demonstrators injuring several officers. via

Hundreds of people rallied at the Capitol Saturday to protest vaccine and mask mandates.

Calling on Merrick Garland. If you don’t prosecute Trump for his deadly attempt to overthrow the United States Government, Democracy will not survive.

We're Going to Take on and Win the Fight to Lower Drug Prices "Any politician who puts Pharma profits before the needs of their constituents will lose their jobs. And they will deserve it." & via

This is not just insane but dangerously so. It exposes Trump’s psychopathic delusion that he is still the president and should alert us all to his plot to retake the White House and rule for life starting January 20, 2025. TRUMP MUST BE STOPPED. NOW.

bill to end ETF tax break is 'pretty unlikely to pass': Market analyst The tax break on in-kind transactions, which enable managers to sell out of positions without triggering capital gains taxes for the end investors.

moves closer to decriminalizing psychedelic drugs - ⁦⁩ An initiative that would legalize magic mushrooms was recently approved for signature-gathering.

I just ran into this video from today of a guy walking around the Orlando “Freedom Rally” This is a very clear, very dark picture of the psychological war being waged on America and how people get weaponized and turned into roaming propaganda stations. 🧵

Taking a break. Left plenty of news and *stuff*. Nothing but football all over Twitter while stands of unmasked people spread Covid. Gone mobile.

critic ’s allies blast and for removal of opposition voting app via Both Apple and Google censoring Putin's opposition. The Kremlin welcomed the move.