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Jessica William

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in a world full of people who couldn't care less, be someone who couldn't care more (sos_arms_georgiana_neagu IG)

BREAKING: Washington State fires head football coach Nick Rolovich and four assistants for refusing to embrace vaccine mandate. RT IF YOU THINK THE SCHOOL MADE THE RIGHT DECISION!

Kyle Schwarber rocks, that grand slam was awesome!!!

Retired asst US attorney Bob Teig’s commentary on Iowa’s senior Senator is interesting. “I'm finally finished with Chuck Grassley after his servile display at Trump rally.” ⤵️

At least FIFTY House lawmakers have signed onto a resolution calling for Greene’s expulsion from Congress. RT IF MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE SHOULD BE EXPELLED!

Anderson laughs through the whole interview. Bill Shatner = Legend

“We are just at the beginning, but how miraculous the beginning is.” is ready to go to space.

. asked me if I can help get her to 10K followers. I told her that I think 6K is more reasonable, but she said 10K, so maybe we can split the difference? How can I say "no" to my little angel? 😉🐕🐾💜

Crew set to fly to the edge of space—including legendary actor William Shatner—ring a bell as they move to board Blue Origin's New Shepard.

"What a launch!" The New Shepard launched, carrying William Shatner and his crewmates to the edge of space on Blue Origin’s second-ever crewed launch.

Retweet if you believe Jen Psaki is doing a magnificent job as W.H. Press Secretary!

Iowa Republican Senators, and voted AGAINST this funding for Iowa broadband. Iowa Republicans , , and ALL voted NO too. Thanks for helping Iowa !

Every single House Republican voted against raising the debt ceiling even for a matter of weeks.

BREAKING — Democrat Marcus Flowers, the Army veteran running against Marjorie Taylor Greene has raised over $1.3 million in just three months. RT IF YOU WANT MARJORIE TO LOSE!

What’s that Republican thingy about government not interfering with private business practices ? ?? You just shot yourself in the foot. Again. Weird. How odd.