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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Pleased as it gets to enjoy an extensive chat w CEO on the Game Makers Notebook podcast for the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. Talking career paths, Respawn, social justice and of course - Turok. Thanks 🔥

One of the LEGENDARY voice actors of our time with a legacy and impact few in the industry could match. RIP sir, and thank you.

Impressive! This isn't a real skin unfortunately, but damned if I don't want to get on the phone w our licensing department tonight.

Ahmaud Arbery’s killers are set to stand trial for murder in Georgia this week, jury selection begins today. For people who actually cared about the situation, keep your eyes open.

No idea how y'all manage to pull this off so quickly. Amazing. 💀🤖

Revenge is merely an opportunity for improvement. 🐀 Please join us in welcoming the voice behind Ash to the Apex Legends cast—!

Ash’s problems are all in her head...but that’s the most dangerous place they could be 🐀

Breaking out the pencil crayons for 110 pages of incredible fan-made goodness (plus , give the man his flowers). Free download below. Thanks

Idk why it’s funny to imagine Rich Paul venting to Adele while laying in bed at night about how stressful the Ben Simmons situation is

*my 3 year old on Amtrak* passengers: *silence* my son: I WANT OUR TRAIN TO SMASH INTO ANOTHER TRAIN! passengers: *loud gasps*

Our world director breaks down how his team built Rampart's big ol' garage-slash-weapons emporium in and made it fun as hell to boot. If you're into building environments, here's the 🧵for you:

Exciting news from ! HOW TO RAISE AN ANTIRACIST is coming in June 2022.

Christina Nance, a 29-year-old Black woman was reported missing 2 weeks ago. She was recently found dead inside a police van parked outside the law enforcement offices in Huntsville, Alabama. Her family doesn’t trust the police and are demanding answers.

brb, gonna upload this flag on MechWarrior

Free skateboarding lessons are happening at a new skatepark in Detroit. Of course I had to show the kids something on . In all seriousness - as a child, I would have killed for a new park and mentors in the skateboarding community. Glad to see it’s happening in Detroit

therapy only works if you're honest with your therapist.

The is back! 💥Nonstop action 💰$5M Prize Pool 👊Intense Rivalries The worldwide phenomenon returns Saturday, Oct 16, starting with EMEA at 8AM PT. 🟣 🔴 📄Official Pro League teams:

Congratulations, Ashley! With the wordsmithing and the narrativeness and the lore galore. Well deserved 🙌🏿

Anyone I know have the ability to run a license plate? It would be nice to know who this racist sack of shit is