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Jessica William

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A stunning example of Indian embroidery, this C.19th Jama is embellished with silver-gilt gota and sequins made from clipped jewel beetle elytron, (wing cases) that form the shape of a flower on the breast of the garment. Learn more about this process:

In her ground-breaking series Zabat, photographer Maud Sulter captures nine black women as iconic Greek Muses. The word Zabat describes an ancient ritual dance performed by women on occasions of power, signifying Sulter's call for a repositioning of black women in photography. 📷

We’re delighted to announce our latest residency with . Coinciding with , Sian will be looking closely at our East Asian Collection, discovering various wonderlands represented in paintings, illustrations, & embroidery.

What do shoes, a flask and a gun have in common? 🤔 In the case of these objects, they've all been created with 3D printing and scanning. From the delicate to the dangerous, explore some of the objects that the technology is capable of making.

Digital Atmosphere is a Mixed Reality sculpture from digital artist duo Daria Jelonek and Perry-James Sugden, known as   The piece looks at how technology and art can illuminate the quality of our air, usually invisible to the naked eye.

What happens when you merge science and technology with both haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion? 🔬👗 See the captivating Biomimicry Collection by Auroboros at Digital Design Weekend. Learn more:

Meet Bushra Waqas Khan, one of the 8 designers nominated for the Jameel Prize. Head to our YouTube channel to watch the full film. ^As part of the Jameel Prize: Poetry to Politics exhibition | Free entry:

Had a bad day? Just feel like yelling....🗣 Watch artist Babak Golkar talk about the 'Scream Pot' an interactive work, offering a space where visitors can scream out their frustrations in public. Visit as part of (Please note the installation is for viewing only.)

Do you love ? RT for your chance to win a place on our online Friday Forum: Designing for Change event on 19 Nov. Join a panel of contemporary designers as they discuss design’s pivotal role in shaping the biggest issues of our times.

Tonight! We're staying open for . Advanced tickets to the museum have sold out online but you can still walk up without one, (although if we're busy there may be a wait.) Live performances Installations Workshops Screenings DJs Free tote bags 👍📸by

Explore our highlight, 'Placeholders,' by designers Aude-Line Duliere and Juliet Haysom, that sees large and precious stones that previously made up the V&A building make a comeback in the form of street furniture. On view now:

From the invention of the mini-skirt to the development of youth fashion, the sixties were an innovative time for design. ✌️ Spanning the shift from 'Mod' style through Space Age to hippy chic, check out our collection of fashions from the era:

This weekend! Closing on a high, join artists, engineers and technologists for a weekend of free workshops, talks and demonstrations exploring the intersection of technology and design at this year's Digital Design Weekend:

Introducing Sonzai - from director  , this project is a mixed-reality VR experience celebrating the power of dance. Experience it for yourself as part of :

Created amidst a pandemic, Portal Tables is a project reflecting on the paradoxical way in which the pandemic has both vilified microbes and prompted a renewed interest in homemade practices of nurturing microbial life. See it at

Lund Point involves the transformation of a 23-storey tower block on the edge of the Olympic Park, into a multi-lens camera obscura. 📷 Created by young adults from east London with Brendan Barry, see the project at

Closing next month 💔 Contemporary Ceramic Art from the Middle East & North Africa | Free entry : See the inventive works of 19 artists working with clay today, including Tunisian artist Malek Gnaoui whose Black Sheep/Dead Meat piece is pictured.

We’re delighted to announce our involvement with the and their five , receiving £14.5m from to transform the UK’s cultural and heritage collections. Find out more:

💎Tickets on sale for Fabergé in London: Romance to Revolution💎 Discover the thrilling stories behind over 200 treasures. Book now: Members go free With thanks to The Jewel Gallery Supported by Pan Pacific London