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Lying in wait A with the conducts reconnaissance and sniper training at Fort Pickett, Va., Aug. 7, 2021. 📸▶️ Cotton Puryear

Preparing Soldiers for the worst case scenario. Sgt. 1st Class Kristina Boettcher reveals how the Effects and Enablers team creates realistic training aids for medics during . 🎥➡️ Spc. Amanda Treible |

In partnership with , we are pleased to share the new website! Visit for more details on the events for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Centennial Commemoration, Nov. 9-11.

Modeling the mechanics of the strongest punch in the animal kingdom, researchers with funding built a robot that mimics the movement of the mantis shrimp. 🦐➡️ |

Yesterday, it was my distinct honor to promote an incredible leader, Lt. Gen. Laura Richardson to General. She's a combat proven leader who thrives when things are the most challenging. Our Army, and our Nation, are in good hands with Laura leading.

The proved to be the decisive engagement of the American Revolution. The British surrender forecast the end of British rule in the colonies and the birth of a new nation—the . |

Estimated Casualties 8,978; 389 were American and 8,589 were British |

Surrounded, outgunned, and running low on food, Cornwallis surrendered his entire army on October 19. |

The French simultaneously assault redoubt #9 and, after an equally fierce firefight, wrest control from the British. Cornwallis’ position is untenable as the Franco-American alliance has artillery on three of his sides. |

The assault begins with a diversionary attack on a redoubt further north of . Then, Lt. Col. Alexander Hamilton’s force, consisting of a detachment of 400 of his light infantry, attacks redoubt #10 with bayonets fixed and muskets unloaded. |

On the night of October 14, American and French forces prepare a surprise assault on British redoubts #9 and #10. The password for the operation is “Rochambeau,” which the Americans translate as “Rush on boys!” |

Forces Engaged 28,900; 19,900 were American and 9,000 were British. |

By October 9, Allied lines are within musket range of the British. For nearly a week the artillery barrage is ceaseless, shattering whatever nerve the British have remaining and punching holes in British defenses. |

With the help of French engineers, American and French troops begin to dig a series of parallel trenches, which bring troops and artillery close enough to inflict damage on the British. |

After a grueling march, the Allied forces arrive near Yorktown on September 28 and immediately begin the hard work of laying siege to Cornwallis and his men. |

The Allied armies marched hundreds of miles from their headquarters north of New York City to Yorktown, making theirs the largest troop movement of the American Revolution. |

Gen. George Washington and Lt. Gen. Comte de Rochambeau seize the opportunity and move their force of almost 8,000 men south to Virginia, planning to join and lead about 12,000 other militia, French and Continental troops in a siege of Yorktown. |

On September 5, The Royal Navy, attempting to sail up the Bay to Gen. Cornwallis, is met by French warships at the mouth of the Chesapeake. In this Battle of the Capes, the British fleet is soundly defeated trapping British troops without supplies and much-needed reinforcements.

In 1781, the British occupied Yorktown, where General Charles Cornwallis intended to resupply his 9,000-man army. |

In , the American victory at the would be the last major land battle of the . Check out the thread to learn more about this historic battle! |