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Jessica William

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Our new series Tucker Carlson Originals will be available first thing Friday morning on Episode one “Chicago in Crisis" reveals a city on the verge of collapse. Get a first look at the ENTIRE first season from the Fox Studio Lot in L.A. tomorrow at 8pm ET.

We won't let the FAA control the news you get. Watch this video and see how tried to shut down our newsgathering on the southern border. That can't happen. Our own will be back with us on tomorrow at 8pm ET.

NEW: We’ve learned that the FAA just implemented a two week TFR (Temporary Flight Restrictions) over the international bridge in Del Rio, TX, meaning we can no longer fly our FOX drone over it to show images of the thousands of migrants. FAA says “special security reason”.

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Lindsey Graham has been lying for a long time.

Lindsey Graham really screwed up on Afghanistan. Video:

Here’s our interview with the father of fallen American marine Kareem Nikoui. It’s heart-wrenching but important to hear.

Eric Swalwell is on the lookout for female staffers to "manage his agenda."

Our team uncovered declassified documents that show the US government aggressively covered-up credible UFO sightings for at least 50 years. Here’s an exclusive, new look at THE UFO FILES, a brand new Tucker Carlson Originals, streaming now on

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In case you missed it — here’s our interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban from his office in Budapest last week.

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