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Am I supposed to feel bad for Kyland? Did all of that for Xavier and for what?

A difficult decision!

I think for Kyland to win next to Xavier he really has to effectively condense and convey his game because right now the jury is looking at Xavier.

SB’s downfall and she knows it , was not playing her own game , if she came back she could redeem herself maybe

Of the four X will win because kylands jury management was not good , I can’t see one person voting him to win

I’m not splitting a damn thing. All my votes go to Tiffany Mitchell for AFH.

Y’all really gonna let this happen? Unforgivable. Go follow her.

No matter how it ends, they still did it

Hannah being inspired by Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, and representing Black/South Asian women…

I think we can agree that Hannah & Tiffany ❤️

Azah was loyal to big D and this man had no plans of ever taking her to finale night , that’s crazy . Wonder if she feels played rn

It's funny to see the fandom call out misogynic comments all season but participate in sexist comments against Azah now.

Never voted before but I will for her, yup. The strategist of this season

Timeline has been showing out over azah , she is not a misogynist , she did what she thought was best (or tried) , stop slandering her name. Be upset about tiff/Hannah going home without tearing down Azah.

Azah was part of the 6 and remained off the block until today (I'm assuming X put her up). That is not easy. Even if today's decision wasn't the best, she is by no means on a list of "worst players ever". Stop.

his little run sent me