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Jessica William

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UK number are almost 3X worse than US, 10X worse than Canada. Only a few countries in Eastern Europe are worse. This comes from a deliberate policy choice to pretend Covid was over. Alberta did that too, and Ontario is next. And a new variant just arose in the UK.

What will 8 months of attack ads do to our society? How do we have real debate over real issues when two parties decide to swim around in a full toilet instead of engage in a useful exchange of ideas?

The hope feels like it's spreading. In a good way. I feel it all the way here in Ontario. Thank you Alberta.

When you smile at nature, it smiles back at you. Fallen autumn leaves are hopeful that spring will eventually come. Similarly, when there is hope in the hearts, it creates joy in gloominess. I'm sending joy, hope & positivity across Canada & beyond. YT:

With people still dying from Covid across the country this would not be a good look or be understood by the majority of us who have done the right thing to protect our country and citizens

😂😂😂I can't believe how many times I watched this!

Wow! So you're saying there's a chance?? I can love Alberta again??

He’s giving your nonvaxed mps time to drive to Ottawa amigo.

I'm so sorry, Canada. It seems COVID wasn't the only infectious threat we shared across the border. I'm hoping you're wiser about this outbreak of Trumpitis than we were. Save yourselves before it gets worse.

Prolonging the misery of this wretched pandemic. They can't or won't even do the most basic of preventative self-less acts. Get a vaccine that more then 80% of us have done already. In my area, its 92% of us. Shameful.

Thanks for fixing the message. The co-morbidity card has always been counterfeit. We all have the #1 co-morbidity - being alive.

I wonder if Maclean’s Magazine and their angry guy on this site are actually foreigners, trying to lionize two-bit knuckle-dragging politicians who want to make our society dysfunctional.

Happy Friday night everyone! With this happy shot it's time to call it a day. A good day!

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving once again under these extraordinary pandemic circumstances. I will be thinking of all of our frontline workers who with their different responsibilities, kept us safe and going in this blessed country of ours. Happy Thanksgiving!

My Thanksgiving wish will be for the Gibbs family who I have come to know and admire through Mike's tweets about his dad's fight with cancer. Happy Thanksgiving Mike, mom and dad! I hope your weekend is full of love, more good food and the dogs.