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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

The case of the Martha’s Vineyard heiress and the Florida psychic who took her for millions via

Check out sportscircus80's video!

Fan carrying sign just now in third base loge boxes at Fenway: "I Had a Really Good Sign, but the Astros Stole It."

if you read this tweet, it means you're tied 3rd best goal scorer of the montreal canadiens

Mon premier char 🙃

This wins Halloween 2021!

After 74 years, here is Alitalia’s final flight announcement 🇮🇹✈️

I’d love to meet the person who is responsible for the design of L’acadie circle. I only need a few minutes .

If you get this message in your e-mail DO NOT RESPOND. It's a scam. -'We inform you that your shipment has left our warehouses, but it is Unable to deliver by the estimated date due to an unpaid delivery fees. To receive it we ask you to pay shipping costs at the following link:

"Big Pharma" makes a LOT more money from the meds you get during your ICU admission then a cheap vaccine.

You know, I thought I would be angry, or at least annoyed with the unvaxxed in ICU. But I’m not. Because as I walk around, seeing patient after patient on their bellies, fielding calls from worried family, analyzing ever worsening bloodwork, reading patients histories…

I dated a guy when I first got to Boston from Texas. He told me his name was Pita. He was Greek so it kinda made sense. It was months before I realized his name was Peter.

I love this kid. She’s got it absolutely figured out. Emma aged 8 ❤️

“Soul Train” premiered 50-years ago today...

Sad to hear is retiring from YES booth. He’s the consummate pro and a great teammate. He’s also as nice a person and as prepared a broadcaster as I’ve ever met. Glad I put a #29 on my plastic Orioles helmet while playing Wiffle ball as a kid. Enjoy the golf, Kenny!

Yankees / Red Sox Wow

Returned from work to see this reflective piece written by my son after he was asked in school where he’s from…