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Jessica William

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Organizations like law enforcement, military, etc purposely seek out individuals that have personality disorders.. ignoring comorbids and mood and addiction disorders.. a person with a SUD getting a job at a liquor store is not the same and requires a lot more unpacking

Pals of rempel garner's Gunn Reid Faith goldy Gun lobbyist Wilson Tucker carlson Elise stefanik Chu Hmmmm not great judgement

To even purport to know what history will say clearly shows no understanding of history.

The G&M doesn't get to determine Trudeau's legacy. History will do that, not a Conservative supporting newspaper.

So the thinks 's problem is vacations. Really?! A man who's shown smart and tireless leadership for Canadians throughout the pandemic is denounced for taking an ill-timed vacation weekend. The Globe has lost all perspective.

FOIP any HR personality test in enforcement... legit research on the subject is also online..

Why are men like Chu hired by law enforcement.. because they lack empathy, think like criminals and predators chose careers where they have the power. Dont @ me with Not All.. not now, not ever.

Excellent filter for people who shouldn’t be firefighters.

1. This sucks but it's ok to feel **all** the feelings. Have them. Your feelings are one of the very few things in the world that are 100% your own to have. It's how you know you're alive.

I’m not surprised greens have 20% oppose, given crunchy anti-everything in that crowd. But I’m surprised the NDP are 15%.

Lol sigh.. kid gloves. Had trudeau said this we'd still be pulling screeching banshees in chatterati off the ceiling.

During Katie Simpson/Scot Moe interview, he was not pushed on the fact in mid-July he joined Kenney in cancelling all Covid prevention methods and it is that which led to today.s nightmare directly. In both provinces, there is no question it was done for economic reasons only.

Calling it an early night, so goodnights tweeps and remember, if you don't laugh at life's absurdities, you'll cry and end up miserable.

It seems obvious to me that if the future will be a mixture of more droughts and heavy rains, we should be building infrastructure to capture and store rainwater, as well as a system of pipelines to distribute it where it is needed at the time. Why are we not working on this?

There's too much darkness in the winter, sky blacks out 4:30 that's when we should stay the hour ahead. The cats don't like it either and wake me up at 3 or 4 until they adjust. I say don't "fall back" this year. Just leave it. Please Premier for BCs cats & ppl with SAD

University scolds former NHLer Theo Fleury for 'reprehensible' remarks against vaccine passports | CBC News

I love how the banks are always on the leading edge throwing money at Canadians and immigrants, donating when it makes them look charitable. Meanwhile Canadians are unemployed and Banks STILL make a killing. If you want to be charitable, BANKS, lower your fees.

Won’t obey the “lie down” command anymore?

Truth and Reconciliation is not a short process. Hopefully nobody thinks this is something a single PM can accomplish.