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Jessica William

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Well! Interior Secretary Deb Haaland announces that she is: Reversing trump’s decision to Move the Bureau of Land Management’s National headquarters from D.C. to Colorado. A move that decimated the staff and made the land-conservation agency ineffective. Support Democrats

Interesting Fact 😊 Shrek was actually based off a real person named Maurice Tillet. He was a French wrestler who married an extremely beautiful woman named Olga 💕

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Good morning Liz. 👋✌💙👊 Real patriots believe in the rule of law, not imposing their beliefs upon others.

This person @/Sexy_KittyKat13 tried her damnest to take me out for 14 months Pls let her know, I seriously thought about suicide after her last attack, (she knew all about my twin brother and the loaded gun in my home) Instead, I deactivated and called the hot line Fuck her!

Selfish ppl who don’t get vaccinated put everyone at risk. It’s happening in every hospital! Ppl on ventilators fighting for their lives and most never survive. If you refuse, at least wear a damn mask!!

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* The hoax has claimed 667,000 American lives; * We have 2 sexual predators sitting on the Supreme Court for life; * We have Republicans in Congress who actively organized, aided, and abetted domestic terrorism 253 days ago; * The FBI DGAF about women.

BREAKING NEWS: 6 unvaccinated Florida family members die of COVID in just 19 days. After the 1st died, 4 more caught it at the funeral & died. Another just passed away. Surviving family says they were fooled by anti-vax lies on social media. RT IF YOU SUPPORT SCIENCE & VACCINES!

1) ⚠️A lot of you know I started a bereaved group for parents back in 2019. A member I brought in @/drkatraphael was my manager UNTIL I found out a couple weeks ago she started a group & was taking my members over to hers. It upset me so badly (mainly because I felt betrayed)…

No words needed.

. Wishing everyone a blessed day♥️♥️

Good morning everyone, just wanted to share with y’all that I found the perfect gift for all my multitasker friends. 😂😂

BREAKING: A Listener Group poll was just released that shows us DEFEATING Ron DeSantis 54%-46%. This is important. Please retweet far and wide so we can spread the message: We will defeat Ron DeSantis in 2022.