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Maybe it's to late to state the obvious but it seems to me Congressmen should be required to read and understand the Constitution, it's Amendments and the Bill of Rights. I mean how can you govern without knowing the laws?

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Fox News has put in place a vaccine passport system for their employees. Pass it on.

Conservatives in the US have been saying out loud for over a year. The basic approach has been: if the people dying are overwhelmingly old, sick and poor then it doesn't count.

If you want to change the way the DOJ works going forward, and you want to restore the American people’s confidence in it, you have to come clean about what happened. You have to show that you are taking concrete steps to reverse the actions of Barr's DOJ.

Federal judge rules: The University of Indiana's new policy requiring that all students, faculty, and staff receive mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations before returning for the fall semester does not violate the U.S. Constitution.

NEW VIDEO: Music!! Dear Holy shit. You are a stone cold criminal. Look at the rap sheet you and your husband have together. How are you a member of Congress? cc:

This is why we need to pass my SWAMP Act, which prohibits anyone requiring Secret Service protection from profiting off of that taxpayer-funded protection. All profits would be donated to the US Treasury.

They both might be scrambling today?

Demonstrations have left at least 117 dead in South Africa. "At least 117 dead across South Africa following the jailing of former president Zuma, according to acting minister"

It’s becoming increasingly hard for me to understand why nobody — like, say, Donald Trump! — has been charged under 18 USC §2383 for “incit[ing] or engag[ing] in any insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or giv[ing] aid or comfort thereto.”

Twitter is like high school; everyone trying to get to the top, by stepping on others or sucking up to those they consider more powerful. The Twitter cliques thrive on making people feel excluded, insignificant and not good enough. Never change who you are to fit in with them.

Toyota has now donated to 38 of the members of Congress who voted against certifying the election, far more than any other company, per ’s tracker. There is no amount of context that makes that acceptable.

Who thinks Joe Boden should make it mandatory for all US military to get vaccinated for covid-19?

If Colin Kaepernick’s knee bothered you, and Derek chauvin’s didn’t; you need to check your moral compass.

And that's the trurh

More are starting to wake up to who the mean girls are on here. I've never had a cross word with anyone until one with several accounts (already 🚫 3 of em) decided it was ok to SS my conversations & bomb my dms with gossip & hate. Some of us have real life problems. Move along.

Another one today. This is what your gossiping, spying & hate results in.