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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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Hye Jin said since crabs are too hassle to eat coz you need more effort to peel it than the meat you can actually get. It takes a lot of love to do the peeling for someone else. Yeah I remember certain guy who even risked his life to peel those snow crab

What's with the SNOW CRAB on home dates in KDRAMA? Hahahaha. Dapat siguro kumain din ako ng crab sa first date para magkajowa.. hahaha char!

Hahahaha so today I was supposed to be reminded to read all the updates of this manga since I don't have the patience waiting for single chapter update every week. Haha but since everyone talking about it i was able to remember to read it this weekend.

Oh gosh I feel more dizzy

Omg ung lindol

Pero willing ako magpakagat.. hahaha char! Kingdom pala ito.

As always. Super gandaaaa.. love love it!

Never felt this terribly sick and weak as far as I can remember.

Awwwwww. It began with proposal and ended with a proposal! Thank you MYK!!!!

Baka naligaw na sa gubat ung dalawa. Pero wala silang pake kasi lagi naman dw nagsasarili ung dalawa.

Kala ko Jollibee Drive thru. Char!

It's homecha day!!!!!!!!!

Feeling ko lumaban si mamsh dito kaya napakapit. Ung movement ng Jaw Nia parang bumaba ng 5 cm.

Seeing Been in WLM preview opens all my hope and possibilities of her appearing in other variety shows. Men on mission please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm at this phase that when tho i am not really close with the parents, I hit the heart reax whenever they post cute and adorable pics and videos of their kiddos 🥰🥰

Dunno how to express how grateful i am for your existence authornim! Thank you so much for bringing us Treena and Elmo's story and journey!

Kahit anong labo ng picture. Parang HD tlga natin nakikita ung mga ganap. Remini who?

Ok Tama na yan apol. Bka magsara ang registrar. Hahaha

I remember when the casts of sky castle went for a vacay they said Bora and Byeongu are always missing together. And after few months they were reported dating. Mama Rosa and L4 please don't mind them if they want to go solo for few times.