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Jessica William

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This is a great visualization of the real threat of Covid to kids.

We are in the midst of the longest, saddest, most excruciating and unsatisfying I TOLD YOU SO in the history of the world.

I'd love to know why people think gas prices have skyrocketed.

77% of Americans ages 12 and up (the current eligible age for vaccines) have initiated vaccination. In a rational, sane world, this would be tremendous. Folks like Danny aren't rational.

By this standard, masks will be in schools forever. This is not how we adjust to an endemic illness, especially one that impacts young children at lower rates than the flu.

Never should this vaccine be mandated for children, nor should they or their parents be coerced or pressured into having them take it.

Let's Go Brandon.

Our democracy isn't threatened and no one is at risk of losing their right to vote. This bill is an attempt to federalize elections.

Isnt it a false medical claim when someone who is fully vaccinated says their COVID symptoms would be worse if they werent vaccinated? Ya know... since there's absolutely no scientific way to prove that for an individual case.

When you look at their real risk, there is no way I'd let my kids get this. If their schools require it, fuck them. If my kid gets something as a result of shot and I can't sue big pharma for everything? Not a chance.

It’s not that this stuff is happening. It’s that people like that cop (and the people on that cop’s side) think THEY’RE the good guys. That’s what makes communism so deadly. The purveyors of it think they’re a force for good.

Floods and droughts have happened forever.

There is no more demonstration of the height of privilege in this country than to be named a Cabinet Secretary based not on your qualifications but rather your sexual orientation. And not doing the job. Remember this the next time any LGBT claims they are “oppressed” in the USA.

This is such an insane fucking lie. Lol. Everyone knows it too. The same media who decried everything said by Sarah Sanders or the last one need to sack up here.

I understand people who’ve gotten the vaccine to keep their jobs. I totally get it. It’s different when it’s your mortgage and your family on the line. But man, I respect this so much. Everyone choosing to walk instead of submitting to medical tyranny, just know I’m a fan.

4-0 so far in the NHL DFS... Still working out the kinks in my process but so far, making money on it...