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Jessica William

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PEOPLE don't get periods. Women do. PEOPLE don't get pregnant. Women do. PEOPLE don't breastfeed. Women do. Being FEMALE is not a "feeling". It isn't frilly dresses, high heels, long hair & make up. I'm sick of seeing my sex erased & trivialized to accommodate everyone else.

My sweet sister tried to tag me in an Instagram post for my birthday but unfortunately Instagram views me as a public menace. So I must be doing something right

At least we'll know everyone's preferred pronouns while we're getting fking nuked.

Biden's vaccine mandate is unconstitutional. Period. Texans shouldn't be forced to choose between their livelihood & a vaccine. I'm confident the Lone Star State will win any legal showdown my Executive Order may bring.

In-N-Out's response to being shut down by San Francisco: “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government. We fiercely disagree with any government dictate that forces a private company to discriminate against customers who choose to patronize their business.”

Some businesses in Australia have been closed for 300 days. Covid relief funding has ceased. Businesses are finally able to reopen ~ Under the condition they only serve vax, hire vax staff and adhere to the unvaccinated exclusion rules. It’s that, or receive over $100k in fines.

“You just can’t mix with us unless you’re vaccinated.”

Police VIOLENTLY ARRESTED a woman for sitting on a park bench. then published her photo titled “protester arrested”. Yet they never spoke to her, witnesses or police. I spoke to all three. She wasn’t a protester. SHAME ON POLICE & MSM.

Netflix is a propaganda machine.

The show I'm watching on Netflix just referenced "missing white woman syndrome" So... leftists are mad that the media isn't covering non-white victims enough, even though leftists control the media. I'm just. I actually hate these people.

Guess which one is mine 😂

Finally did a super American thing - went to a pumpkin patch, bought my first pumpkin and carved it. 😁🎃

Soros Spending $1 Million To Stop Effort to Hire More Police in Austin

MASSIVE: Western Australia protesting against mandatory vaccines.

Oh my gosh they fact checked this 😂

Post Office is next

Wanted: An Agreed Upon National Narrative. See debate and discuss at Better Discourse III in Fort Worth, TX on Nov 6th. For tickets and schedule:

Got notice Nov 1 will be my last day of work as a pilot. They included this in the email: You have previously inquired as to whether serology testing indicating the presence of antibodies would be accepted as an alternative to full immunization. 1\2

Friendly reminder that unless you got a 5.4% raise you got a paycut this year

So we’re canceling Netflix over Dave Chapelle but not cuties. Noted.

Global tyranny. Germany🇩🇪: A state is allowing supermarkets to ban customers based on their medical status. Canada🇨🇦: Banning people from flying based on their medical status. Italy🇮🇹: People without a covid passport are now not allowed to go to work. Pay attention.