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Jessica William

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Does this dingleberry know what the Yiddish word for penis is? throwing shade at NJ Governor Murphy using QSantis. Hey Panhandle Putz: What do you call an arrested felon left by the feds hogtied on the front porch by the door? A Matt.

You’re a seditious fool. We know whose problem this is, you partisan piece of shit. We’re Americans, we care for the disenfranchised, the poor. Those seeking asylum, we’re good, decent humans who care for those less fortunate. Go rot in your Hell.

😷/ Resistance, Watch this! The true story of William Eugene Smith 😢😢😢😢 「怨」水俣病 MINAMATA (2021)

It has now been 317 days since Trump lost the election by a landslide.

This seems really stupid. Even for this mini-douchecanoe.

Florida only reports deaths once per week, as a result the numbers aren't accurate or helpful. DeSantis know this, he has likely architected it that way. Conspiracy will be a word we’ll hear more and more as 2024 draws closer.

If you want to see blue seats in 2022 please leave your @ under replies. Follow, vet, retweet and make some new friends fighting for our democracy. We must come together, focus on turning the congress, senate and governor seats all blue in 2022.

Sycophantic ass-kisser. The trump interview was despicable, you act like a giddy school boy with his first crush, just dripping with sexual tension.

I know my account is not big, but we all need our voices heard. I've had a boost from she is great. Let's get together and make a difference.

All of us smaller resistor accounts, need to band together and follow each other. The larger we grow the more we can get our voices out there.

Look at the latest from this seditionist PINO. It’s almost as if he thinks he has any influence over anything that matters. What a pathetic excuse for a human, much less an elected official.

Good morning resisters! Thanks Rowan for getting this party started💕Let’s gooooo!!!!!

Please RT to remind all of our Cali friends to VOTE NO ON TUESDAY and make sure they mail in their ballots ASAP! 🚨RETWEET LIKE CRAZY!🚨

Noticeably missing a bloated orange shitgibbon, but at least all the real leaders showed up. 🤷‍♂️